Maura Deals With A Science Geek Turned Murderer In Rizzoli & Isles Season 7, Will Any Other Cast Members Die In The Remaining Episodes? Let’s See

Obviously, it is impossible to have the show without Isles or Rizzoli. Meanwhile, Nina and Frankie are currently progressing, and there would be no logic behind getting rid of someone like Angela. Killing a character means taking them to a place they haven’t been before.

We have already seen how the characters respond to that, for instance, Jane had to deal with her unborn child. There have been a lot of tragedies, and the show doesn’t have a upbeat tone at times.

From the looks of it, we could see some happy times coming up. It is possible that we might be wrong, and the most of the cast members should be safe for the remaining episodes.

In the meantime, Jane’s past few days have been rather difficult. Jane went to Quantico to teach a class and came across a recruit who rubbed her in a wrong way. He rejected her as a person and purposely dropped his pen to see if she would pick it up.

Finally, Jane exposed his misogynistic ways, and he ended up getting booted off Quantico since the FBI has a strict policy regarding such kind of behavior. Moreover, they didn’t wish to face any lawsuits in the future.

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