Supercell Organizes Special Event For Boom Beach, Fixes Major Glitches With The Update, Players Urged To Collect Diamonds!

According to Master Herald, the gamers should use the diamonds that they collect along the game, wisely. The diamonds might not be of much value, but they can be later used to speed up or use it to upgrade features. The diamonds can also be used to buy resources that the players cannot purchase with the in-game cash since they are very expensive.

The diamonds come very handily if they are used strategically and they can be used to upgrade structures. When the gamers unlock HQ 6, but they have no stone to create HQ 7, they can use the diamonds that they have collected over the course of their game.

The same diamonds can be used to upgrade HQ 9 to HQ 10 even in the absence to iron. While the gamers usually leave out on diamonds, the expert gamers are encouraging the novices to collect them to enhance their gaming experience.

Supercell has started their official page on Twitter and Facebook where they regularly encourage the fans of Boom Beach to upload their fan arts. This is done so that the gaming community remains connected and the interest in the game doesn’t die down. While there are no special points for those fans uploading the fan art, the images are shared on the official pages and helps build the Boom Beach community.

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