Lil Mama Probably Dissed Minaj with Her New 4PM Freestyle, She Created Some Commotion after Unfollowing a Fan on Twitter!

Till now, Nicki Minaj has experienced some tension with several rappers, starting from Iggy Azalea to Lil Kim. However, people often tend to overlook her issues with Lil Mama. The rapper from Brooklyn has been pretty outspoken in the past about how she felt about Nicki’s position in this game.

This dates back to an interview in 2003, when she said that a New York rapper like Nicki Minaj should be doing a lot more in order to be inclusive of all other lady emcees. According to Lil Mama and many others, Lady Emcees have a really tough time finding their way through without being pitted against each other.

A new loosie was unleashed by Lil Mama yesterday. It is a freestyle conducted over Drake’s ‘4PM in Calabasas”.  Moreover, the social media is suggesting that while performing it, Lil Mama sent quite a few subliminal shots in Nicki Minaj’s way. The verses we are talking about are as follows:-

“And you ain’t got no sons / I be hearing you talkin’ crazy, but you really is buns / So when you talk, talk politely / And when you tread, tread lightly cause the ice getting thinner / like 666, it’s gonna be a cold winter.”

We all know that Nicki Minaj is well known to be constantly rapping about a bunch of sons in her rap game and that is probably what Lil Mama is referring to. Minaj is herself, an experienced shade thrower and moreover, she does not back down in case someone else is feeling froggy.

Therefore, we can predict that she will acknowledge Mama’s new creation in some way or another, even if it’s just being talked about on social media. You can listen to the freestyle yourself and decide whether everyone else is overreacting. It is certainly possible, is it not?

In other news, it can’t be summer if DJ Mustard is not experiencing the beat. Over the past few years, this superproducer has been behind some of the biggest hits.

He has been collaborating with some of the biggest names of music while crafting popular hits for various artists like YG, Kid Ink and Tinashe. In this week, Mustard came back with Don’t Hurt Me, which was assisted by Nicki Minaj and Jeremih.

Thankfully enough, it more than meets the standards that have been set by Mustard for himself. Jeremih is seen taking the lead on vocals. He performs the song’s earworm chorus while Nicki Minaj raps and sings about Steph Curry along with her TIME Magazine cover, besides some other stuff.

Meanwhile, Nicki Minaj caused quite a major stir in Twitter when she directly unfollowed a fan who was criticizing her.

She took to Twitter in order to promote a new song with Jeremih and DJ Mustard. That is when this particular fan voiced his disappointment regarding the fact that she had not said anything about the mass shooting in Orlando yet.

This fan goes by the name of Johnny on Twitter and he was offended that Nicki Minaj can tweet about the songs but cannot say something about the mass shootings in Orlando. He returned to Twitter later, in order to confirm that Nicki Minaj just unfollowed him for his tweets. He also shared the proof in another tweet. Well, it seems like Nicki’s decision to block this obnoxious fan, worsened the situation further.