Supercell Organizes Special Event For Boom Beach, Fixes Major Glitches With The Update, Players Urged To Collect Diamonds!

Supercell is popularly known as the developers of Clash of Clans, but there is another game that the Finnish game developers have made a mark with and that is the mobile strategy game called Boom Beach. Boom Beach might seem like a very simple game where you have attacked and take over beaches, but then there are several strategies and defense techniques that the players must make use of as in Clash of Clans and Clash Royale.

Supercell has come up with some interesting update to Boom Beach that includes troop training. The training in question is for the new unit, The Cryoneer. There was a special event that is being organized by the Finnish developers in Helsinki, Finland and was organized on the 17th of June.

Those participating in the Boom Beach event will get the opportunity to avail a 90% discount on The Cryoneer troop, their training and will also get a chance to speed up the whole process. The Cryoneer troop unit was unveiled by Supercell in their last update to Boom Beach, and they have the special power to shoot ice beams. This is of a lot of help since it freezes the enemy and slows down the attack.

The same update for Boom Beach also saw additional updates including a feature to play Friendly Battles, new ranks, and rewards in the Troop Loadouts and Victory Point levels. The update in Boom Beach also makes a lot of improvements in the graphics of the game. The Supply Chest in the game has also had a lot of changes and the developers have made sure that it includes items that will help the players in their gameplay.

Apart from introducing some new features to the game, the June update for Boom Beach also fixed some of the glitches that were there in the game. International Business Times reported that Supercell had worked on the list of known problems that were marring the gaming experience in Boom Beach.

The first of the updates rectified the troop loadout slots; these weren’t getting unlocked. After the update, the issue has been rectified. The update also fixed the issue where the Resource Base was matching opponents of two different levels together. There are reports from Supercell where they have worked on the Chat Censorship as well.

The update and special event from Boom Beach are coming at a desperate time for the game developers. While their other games are massively popular, the Boom Beach, in particular, tends to lose out when they release other games.

For instance, when Clash Royale was launched, Boom Beach relegated into the background. While the game is popular and still brings in the money for Supercell, there is no denying that it isn’t as popular as Clash of Clans and Clash Royale.

There has been a lot of anticipation about the Boom Beach update, and players have claimed that the Boom Beach H9 defense base that was introduced with the update, is one of the best features added to the game since it was first developed.

The Boom Beach HQ 9 defense base has a Sniper Tower that is the main force of defense, and it is the one place from where the player can defend and man his territory and save it from the enemy attacks. There are cannons that the players can use, which can be used to destroy the Tanks and Heavies.