NCIS: LA Season 8 Spoilers Surface, Deeks to Pop the Question to Kensi, Will His Dark Side Come Back Once Again? Let’s See

NCIS: Los Angeles is American action television series that has been created by Shane Brennan. The show made its debut on CBS back in 2009. The seventh season of the show came to an end some time back, and it has been renewed for an eighth one.

John Peter Kousakis, the executive producer of the show recently stated that the work for the upcoming season has already kicked off. He added that some great things are being written for the eighth season, and he took a sneak peek at them. Apparently, he was quite amazed by the quality of the script for the next season.

Fans had previously speculated that Deeks will be seen proposing to Kensi at the end of the previous season. However, that remained from happening. Scott Gemmill, the executive producer of NCIS: LA stated that proposal will be happening in the upcoming season.

He had previously stated- “We will not see, I don’t think, a proper proposal until next season, because we have an idea for how to do that that I want to play out.”

In the previous season, it was seen that there were some talks about the couple having kids. Deeks apparently wanted to get engaged to Kensi. Eric Christian Olsen plays the character of Deeks while Kensi is portrayed by Daniela Ruah.

Scott went on to talk about the situation after they get engaged and have kids. He stated that both the characters cannot be involved in life and death situation on a regular basis after they have kids. Apparently, the writers are trying to decide as to what angle could be given to Kensi and Deeks’ storyline after they are engaged.

During the last season, Kensi and Deeks were seen confessing their feelings for each other and since then fans have been requesting the showrunners to have Deeks pop the question to Kensi. It was revealed by Scott that though they will be seen getting engaged in the next season, it is unlikely that they will be starting a family anytime soon, given the occupational hazard of their job.

Since Scott revealed that they have properly planned out the proposal, fans are quite hyped about it. They are wondering whether Deeks will be able to muster enough courage to pop the question on his own or whether he would be requiring some kind of help from Sam and Callen, played by LL Cool J and Chris O’ Donnell respectively.

Fans are also speculating about the manner in which the real life pregnancy of Daniela Ruah will be handled by the showrunners. In the previous instance of her pregnancy, she took a maternity leave. However, she pre-filmed some scenes for the show, and it ensured that she did not disappear from the show altogether.

The character of Deeks has a violent side to him and speculations are rife whether that side would once again come to the forefront in the upcoming season. It was seen in the fifth season that Deeks shot his dad down who was attacking his mother with a shotgun. His dad was a cop and thus it made him a cop killer.

It also portrayed his violent side, and it was quite clear that he previously had some issues keeping that side locked up. However, since that incident, he has managed to keep his cool, and he is portrayed as an ever smiling character on the show.

His killing of his father made him realize that he was becoming that same monster that his father was. This allowed him to check himself and find a way back from that dark side. Now that he and Kensi are together, chances are that he might become that monster once again if he anticipates any harm coming towards his lover.