NCIS: LA Season 8 Spoilers Surface, Deeks to Pop the Question to Kensi, Will His Dark Side Come Back Once Again? Let’s See

It has come to light that showrunner Shane Brennan will be stepping down from his position. He will be replaced by executive producer Scott Gemmill.

Brennan has been associated with NCIS: LA since its first season. He has been running the show in a more than efficient way for seven seasons.

However, he wanted to try out new projects, and thus he decided to step down from the post. It was reported that he has signed a two-year contract with CBS network to spearhead the development of new projects. Those projects will be produced by Brennan’s own production house- Shane Brenna Productions.

Scott Gemmill top has been associated with the season since its first season. He has penned down some narratives for the show. He became the executive producer in 2009 and thus it can be stated that he has more than required knowledge about the show.

It is safe to assume that he will be able to perform the task of running the show in an efficient manner. Some other woks of Gemmill apart from NCIS: LA includes the likes of ER and Hawaii Five-O. He has both written and produced for these shows.

NCIS: Los Angeles will return to TV sometime during fall.

Stay tuned for more updates on NCIS: Los Angeles.