Rumors and Speculations on the Apple Watch 2, A Selfie Camera Will Be Included In This Device!

There are a lot of rumors and speculations on the internet regarding Apple Watch 2. People have been hyped about it for quite some time now. The latest reports indicate that the original variant has been spotted online, being sold at a discount.

This clearly indicates that the new model will be arriving soon. The Best Buy offering showed that Apple Watch is available up to a massive discount of 200 dollars. Rumors indicate that the 38mm variation of the tech watch starts at a price of 349 dollars, but the 42mm begins at a little less under 400 dollars.

Keep in mind that this is not the first time that Apple Watch has received a discount. Consumers have been enjoying excellent deals with the Apple Watch, ever since early 2016. In March, Apple reduced the price of its smart watch by 50 dollars. The original price started at $349 but after the discount, it was reduced to $299. This further suggested that the company will launch Apple Watch 2 by the end of this year.

Consumers planning to buy an Apple Watch should buy it now because this discount will be available for a limited period only. We have no reports regarding when this discount period will end. It was also reported by 9 to 5 Mac that Apple Watch 2 will feature a Siri that is similar to Amazon Echo. According to the publication, developers will be able to integrate apps with Siri, through the software development kit.

A new Siri speaker to be introduced will compete with rivals like the upcoming Google Home and Amazon’s Alexa. Rumors also suggest that Apple Watch 2 will not be available until next year.

The device could feature facial recognition and camera features that will make it stand out among Google and Amazon products.  Apple has been completely silent regarding the Apple Watch 2, but fans are hoping that it will be launched soon.

Apple did not announce the Apple Watch 2 during the recent Worldwide Developers Conference, and fans have been pretty bummed out about it. Rumors still indicate that this high-tech smart watch from Apple will arrive sometime shortly.

In fact, a patent application was published online recently, and it shows the design of the upcoming Apple Watch 2. According to the patent, the upcoming watch will feature a front camera.

Trusted Reviews further reported that Apple has submitted two patent applications, designated for the Apple Watch 2. Apple will be using an image sensor in Apple Watch 2 which will include an image storing software along with working image lenses. It is also shown that the camera can be mounted at the front so that the user can capture selfies.

Even though the watch was not unveiled at WWDC, many fans believe that it will be released soon. Speculations suggest that Apple Watch 2 could be released in September including other Apple devices like the iPhone 7. Breathecast reported that Apple Watch 2 will not be released till autumn of this year.

It will feature some extra tools that were not present in the original Apple Watch. The website further reported that Apple Watch 2 will feature the same OLED screen as in the first Apple Watch. Also, the screen display will no longer be provided by LG.

Therefore, users can also expect some interesting changes in the overall look, feel and design of the upcoming Apple Watch 2. It will also come with new smart bands with amazing features like sleep and health monitoring.