Detailed Spoilers for Homeland Season 6, Carrie Will Live In US with Her Daughter, While Tackling a Lot of Guilt!

Season 6 of Homeland will return in the United States, where Carrie is currently staying with her daughter. Her character is played by Claire Danes in case you didn’t know already.

An Entertainment Weekly reports states that this season will take place during the interim period after the elections have taken place. It will be before the elected president has taken his new seat in the country. Danes further confirmed that Carrie will be living in the United States with her daughter. She is still involved with CIA regarding a lot of work.

After the events which took place in Season 5, she has been tackling a lot of guilt, which she built up over the years. She is currently in a mental state that will affect the way in which she notices and tackles problems in season 6.

Meanwhile, she is still suffering from the idea of atonement. Over the years, she has accumulated a lot of guilt, and she is still fighting with that. The actress explained that she is on her meds and is probably mentally capable.

By the end, she is pretty ravaged. She has been through another circle of hell due to which at the beginning of every season, she is in a mood that is trying its best to stabilize.

In the end, her calling ends up disrupting that. According to Danes, Peter Quinn will also be returning. At the end of season 5, we saw Carrie preparing to take the life support away from Quinn.  She did not explain as to what capacity Quinn will be present in the next season.

Meanwhile, fans have speculated that Quinn is probably dead, but he will be coming back through hallucinations or flashbacks. This is especially because Carrie is under medication. There is also a chance that Quinn might have survived and is currently recuperating. This presents more room for Carrie to deal with her past issues, while maintaining a romantic relationship with him.

In the meantime, Homeland Season 6 won’t be returning to January 2017 and fans are wondering what will happen to Carrie and Quinn. The fifth season finale was pretty heart-wrenching.

Filming will begin later in the summer, but Danes already shared some interesting details about the upcoming season. Danes and Lesli Linka Glatter, the executive producer, and director gave out tidbits regarding Homeland Season 6.

Danes said that she doesn’t know a lot about it, but the writers have already finished some interesting plotlines. They currently possess a general concept of where it’s all headed to. Carrie was asked about the possible plotline and the 37-year old replied that she will be residing stateside with her daughter. She will be on medication that helps her deal with guilt.

She further added that her character is probably mentally capable. The veteran followers of this series already know that Carrie reached her breaking point in season 5. This clearly explains her reliance on meds in the next season.

Danes was secretive about her character’s fate with Quinn. She declared that when they were filming, it was all unknown to them, but now there are more intelligible about it. They have also shot a couple of different version of the ending, just in case.

Glatter told EW that before their writers begin work every season, they first go to D.C to talk to a bunch of intelligence experts. This ensures that the show maintains its remarkable parallelism to reality.