Titanfall 2 Makes Quite a Splash with First Multiplayer Gameplay Footage at E3 2016, Will Come with Six Titans, To Release in October!

Titanfall 2 is an upcoming game for first person shooting genre. It is being developed by Respawn Entertainment and will be published by Electronic Arts for the platforms of PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

The Electronic Entertainment Expo 2016 was held on June 14 in Los Angeles, California and EA were present at the event with the game. The first gameplay footage of Titanfall 2 was revealed at the event, and it has also been confirmed that the game will arrive with a single player mode. The footage that was shown was of its multiplayer mode.

The game contains various new aspects, and the developers have worked hard to right the wrongs that were present in the first game. One of the problems with the first game was the lack of availability of some Titans. The game came with just three Titans, and most of their abilities were same.

However, the upcoming game has been given an overhaul in this department. It has been confirmed that Titanfall 2 will come loaded with six different Titans. Unlike the previous game in which the Titans were just given to players with time, in Titanfall 2, the Titans will have to be earned by the players.

Two such Titans are Ion and Scorch. Ion wields the Splitter Rifle, which has the capability to shoot up to three bullets simultaneously. He also carries the Vortex Shield. This shield has the capability to accumulate any bullets fired by enemies towards the Titan.

It can then throw back the bullies at the enemies, damaging them severely. The Titan is also capable of sending out an immensely powerful red beam that deals massive damage to enemies.

As for Scorch, it is an evolved version of one of the Titans from the first game. That Titan being- Atlas. Fire is his primary weapon as he can shoot out mortar shells that burst into flames on hitting anything.

The Titan wields a fiery shield that is so hot that every bullet fired at it just melts down. The Titan also has the capability to shoot flames.

One of the things that fans are talking about after witnessing the first gameplay footage is the grappling hook. Apparently, it will play quite a significant role in the game. It can be used by players to get atop buildings and swing to other places. Fans will also be able to use it when engaging in combat.

It has come to light that all the DLC that will be released for the game in the future will come free of cost. Fans will not have to shell out extra money for any expansion pack that the developers release for the game. All the maps and new modes that will be added to the game in the future will come without a price tag.

However, a certain price could be charged on other kinds of DLCs that include things like boots and other cosmetic items. Vince Zampella, the co-founder of Respawn stated that the developers are eager to provide post-launch contents to layers.

However, creating post-launch content costs a lot of money and thus the company will not be able to provide everything free of cost. However, it was added by him that no money will be charged on post-launch content that will be essential for playing the game.

Apparently, the developers don’t want to spit the game’s community and that is why they have decided to make the DLCs free. Zampella stated that they need to trust the players and the players need to trust them.

He added that more gamers will be attracted towards the game if the developers make the post-launch content free. In that way, the developers will be able to establish a strong relationship with the community.