Tokyo Ghoul Season 3 Release Date, A New Mobile Game May Be Released Soon Along with Season 3, More Details

Fans were dismayed by the news that the popular anime series Tokyo Ghoul season 3 might not be released this year due to the lack of source material. Tokyo Ghoul is a very popular manga series created by Sui Ishida and later adapted into a widely successful anime series. Previously, it was reported that the anime series would be released on June 17. However, there is still no news from official channels about a release date.

Fans were apparently unsatisfied with the execution of the season 2, which lead to a petitioning amongst the anime fans regarding the rebooting of the Tokyo Ghoul anime series with another animation studio.

The petition got the support of a huge number of fans, who had also complained about the absence of several characters, who were featured in the manga but not in the anime. In light of that event, there have been rumours circulating that Madhouse shall be taking over the production for season 3, from Studio Pierrot.

Gen Fukunaga, the CEO and president of FUNimation Entertainment recently reported that the third instalment would most likely air this year but presently, the source material from the manga being insufficient in fuelling the animation for Season 3, chances are that fans will have to wait till 2017, to finally lay their eyes on their beloved series.

The level of contentment of the viewers regarding an anime series, is majorly dependent on the duplication or repetition of its content, from the manga source. This simple formula has been the cornerstone of the success of every manga based animation series, over the years.

However, in failing to keep to this norm in the last season, the producers of the show were met with a decline in its ratings.  Nevertheless, we can see that steps are being taken, with the change of production, to remedy the problem.

Apart from the confusion regarding the release date, there is also wide spread assumption relating to the protagonist of the anime in season 3. Season 1 saw, Kaneki Ken in the leading role, as he struggled in an ordinary world, where ghouls lived alongside humans; until he became a Ghoul.

In the next season, that is, season 2; while the protagonist was Kaneki Ken, we saw him come to terms with his other half. The protagonist Kaneki is the same, the one we saw in season one but his physical appearance changes in the second season.

In the subsequent season, his originally black hair had changed to white along with the change in his human self. If the International Business Times is to be believed, then there could be the introduction of two possible characters. It could be either Haise Sasaki or Touka Kirishima.

Crossmap said that in a report by Anime Maru, they stated that the show might be released in the winter this year; while Kirishima might take the spotlight this coming season, as she steps into a new phase of her life by going to college.

MADHOUSE Inc. of Japan, who shall be at the helm of the production of this anime, has also been responsible for the coming about of popular anime like Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust, Death Note, Ninja Scroll and most recently One-Punch man.

The season 3 of Tokyo Ghoul could deviate much from the original manga plot, hence, fans are anxious to find out if the series can pull it off. Season 3 will feature plenty of live action depictions from the seventh volume of the above said manga, which is Tokyo Ghoul: re. This might prove to be a strong point for the upcoming season.