Tokyo Ghoul Season 3 Release Date, A New Mobile Game May Be Released Soon Along with Season 3, More Details

Meanwhile, Crossmap reported that a new mobile game is in the process of being made. FUNimation and GameSamba has collaborated, recently to come up with a Tokyo Ghoul mobile game. Although there isn’t much news on the mobile game yet but that hasn’t stopped fans from forming their theories as to the theme or context of the game.

Some are saying that it will be a story-driven game while others state that it could be a dating sim. Chances are that game will be released alongside the release of season 3 of the anime series.

Tokyo Ghoul is basically centred around a college student Kaneki Ken, who inhabits a world, where flesh-eating monsters called Ghouls live with humans. Once, after being attacked by a ghoul, Kaneki develops some of their abilities, while struggling to retain some of the qualities that make him human.

With the release date still in question, the series is being subjected to a lot of speculation. Fan will most probably get their hands of the game, as well as the anime somewhere in the summer of 2017, providing answers to all the questions of the viewers.

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