Detailed Spoilers for Homeland Season 6, Carrie Will Live In US with Her Daughter, While Tackling a Lot of Guilt!

Deadline further reported that Carrie is an ex-agent, but she will be trying to lead a normal life. She will also be working for a foundation that helps Muslims live in the United States of America. Carrie will probably forge a powerful alliance with the President of United States, in case she decides to go back to the CIA.

David Nevins, showtime’s CEO further confirmed the 2017 premiere of Homeland Season 6. He spoke to Hollywood Reporter and said that the network is finally collaborating with Fox 21 Television series.

It was revealed that he is quite focused on accomplishing this deal and not really bothered about what happens beyond this point. He was referring to the deal regarding its extension after the sixth season. Season 7 and 8 is probably on the horizon.

Fans are already looking forward to the next season because it will be exciting, to say the least. You can expect a lot of thrills and situations when things get hairy.

Danes said that there were a lot of issues regarding policy and politics since the CIA actively participates in all that. Moreover, all of it takes place in America. At the moment, this is the most exciting and relevant thing happening. The exact premiere date of Homeland Season 6 will be revealed soon.

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