Rumors and Speculations on the Apple Watch 2, A Selfie Camera Will Be Included In This Device!

Meanwhile, a new report from DigiTimes indicates that Apple Watch 2 will be announced together with Apple iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus. This event will take place in the month of September. This publication has been right and wrong before but according to its sources, Apple has been gathering up parts for the upcoming Apple Watch 2.

Apple has also ordered more than expected, which means that they are really expecting some major sales for Apple Watch 2. Apple CEO Tim Cook said in a recent interview that the company is striving to make the Apple Watch 2, even better. He revealed that the company is still in the learning process and this device will keep getting better.

He further implied that in few years’ time, people will be wondering why they didn’t get the watch before. Reports suggest that the next generation Apple Watch will include true cellular connectivity.

This clearly means that you will be able to send texts, make calls, and connect to the internet without using your iPhone. 3G and 4G connectivity are already offered in smart watches by manufacturers like Samsung and LG. Therefore, Apple will definitely include such features in the next Apple Watch.

Stay tuned for more updates and information on the upcoming Apple Watch 2!