Supercell Discusses FAQs Involving the New Mega Crab Event, Various Issues Were Fixed By the June Update, And More!

Various new features came with the June Update, like a new troop called Cryoneer, enhanced graphics, new ranks, fighting friendly battles, the Troop Loadout feature and major conversion of Fragments into Iron Shards.

In case you want the details, Supercell listed the following issues that were being fixed:-

  • No unlocking of Troop Loadout slots which is a graphical issue since wrong unlock levels were stated. Additional slots are unlocked at Gunboat levels 13, 19, 16 and 21.
  • On the map, PvP opponents were looking strange. This happened due to Ranks being displayed on the map. The ranks will only be shown while using the ‘Find new opponent’ feature or new matches.
  • Low-Level opponents provided in through Resource Base Matchmaking.

The issues that were already fixed:-

  • Overlapping of OP and VP boats.
  • After closing the app, notifications start appearing again.
  • During Troop Loadout Loading, gold was taken, but troops were not loaded. Players received an ‘out of sync message’, which was fixed through an optional update.
  • Chat censorship issues fixed.

In the Supercell forums, some more issues emerged like sometimes; Mines around HQs were not being activated by Critters. Also, in the Task Force Settings, profanity filter can be turned off by Co-Leaders and Leaders.

With fixes and updates and new Dr. T Mega Crab event, Boom Beach is looking more polished than ever.

Stay tuned for more updates on this game!