Supercell Discusses FAQs Involving the New Mega Crab Event, Various Issues Were Fixed By the June Update, And More!

Supercell’s popular mobile strategy video game, Boom Beach has recently received a Dr. T’s Mega Crab event. With this event, players can earn more resources. The villainous Dr. T is behind this 3-day project, and he wants to take over the archipelago by making use of a robotic megabase named Mega Crab. It comes out from below the ocean to a place, located near to the player’s home base.

This time, the new event has received an interesting addition. It is known as the Speed Serum and destroying it will enhance the takedown of Mega Core. Players need to choose their troops strategically and in order to progress to the difficult stages; they need to boost status as well.

After its release, Supercell introduced FAQs on the new event. First of all, you can find the Mega Crab is found in Archipelagos with a Home Base HQ of level 7 or more.

If you are wondering how often you can attack it, it’s limitless as long as your attacks are available. After completing a stage, players will receive one free attack and a new attack will be generated every 2 hours. The same challenge will be faced by all Commanders worldwide, and they will be rewarded in the same manner.

To defeat multiple stages of Dr. T’s Mega Crab event, Commanders will have the same amount of time. Local, Friends and Task Force are the three leaderboards. Each of them will show the stages cleared by a Commander along with his/her progress. Keep in mind that local leaderboards depend on every Commander’s local country code.

You don’t need gold to attack the Mega Crab, but you have to defeat him within by using the set amount of attacks. Once players attack, their remaining attacks will be reduced by one. Attack regeneration happens every 2 hours, irrespective of the player being online or not.

There are guaranteed rewards offered through Mega Crab events like stone, gold, wood and iron. Besides these, players will get Power Stones, Power Powder (if you possess the Sculptor), Intel (if you are part of a Task Force), Diamonds, and Protoparts (only if you possess the Weapon Lab). In Dr. T’s arsenal, the ultimate Mega Crab super-weapon is the Cryo Bomb.

Once Mega Crab is defeated, a ray of ice bursts out, freezing buildings within a certain radius. It will affect the Defence Turrets and their damage per second will be decreased. Friendly troops located within the radius will be affected as well.

Earlier, Boom Beach received a special event which introduced discounts on troop training, specifically The Cryoneer. The special event started on 17th June, at 2AM, Helsinki Local Time.

Players were able to avail a 90 percent discount on the new troop, its speed-up time and troop-training cost. This new unit was introduced in another update.

It shoots beams of ice which can freeze the opponents and slow down defenses. According to a post from Supercell, this offer lasted until 18th June.

Previous updates to Boom Beach included new Ranks, Friendly Battles, and extra Rewards at Troop Loadouts and greatest Victory Point levels.  The update introduced several graphics improvements as well.

Through the June update, Supercell fixed a lot of issues in Boom Beach. Supercell announced that while they were working on fixes for Low-Level Opponents being provided to Resource Base Matchmaking, and Unlocking issues with Troop Loadout slots, it fixed the Chat Censorship, loading of Troop Loadout and much more.