Are Emma Stone And Andrew Garfield Back Together? Couple Spotted Holidaying, Stone-Stowell Affair A PR Gimmick? Let’s See

There’s good news for the fans of Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield since it looks like the couple is back together. Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield were spotted holidaying in Turkey and Greece.

This was a pleasant surprise for the fans of the actor since there was an extended period when it was presumed that Andrew Garfield has moved on from Emma Stone, and he was even spotted was even spotted on a date with another mystery brunette.

There are a lot of speculation on whether the couple is officially back together, but there is no way to confirm it. Andrew Garfield has always been very reclusive when it came to the media, and he has never gone ahead to reveal anything personal about his life on the media. Emma Stone has been more forthcoming, but she is also not very open to the media when it comes to her love life.

Neither Emma Stone nor Andrew Garfield had ever made a statement about their breakup. There were rumors that the couple might have broken up since Andrew Garfield was absent from the award ceremonies when Emma Stone had been nominated. Stone, when asked about his absence had stated that he hardly attends award ceremonies and was busy with his work.

With time, the two were spending less and less time together, and the whole media circus believed that they had moved on given their hectic works schedule. The media then spotted Andrew Garfield being intimate and friendly with a female companion in Lindon and the world was made to believe that he is dating someone else, and Emma Stone’s chapter is over in his life.

Reports were suggesting that Emma Stone has started making overtures at her co-star, Ryan Gosling while they were filming La La Land. There were rumors hinting that Eva Mendes, doesn’t approve of Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone meeting outside their workspace and this has created a problem between Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes.

Yibada reports that the supposed estranged couple are currently holidaying in Mugla, which is a luxurious tourist destination in Turkey. The two might have been rumored to have broken up in the second half of 2015, but they did arrive at Mugla in a private jet. They had also taken a yacht to spend some time in the Aegean Sea.

There are reports that Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield were spotted enjoying time on a 63-meter-long yacht, called Lady Britt. The yacht can be rented for a hefty sum of 475,000 euros for a week.

The couple got the yacht from Yalikavak and then sailed to the island of Paros in Greece. They docked the yacht there to enjoy water sports.

Several tourists have spotted Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield enjoying Mykonos along with some of their other friends. The couple also had Andrew Garfield’s brother in their company.

This sighting of Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield has pleasantly surprised the fans since they didn’t have any idea that the two were together.

There is still speculation about whether Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield had broken up in reality and patched things up or whether they were together all this while.

Neither Emma Stone nor Andrew Garfield has an Instagram account, so it gets confusing for the fans and the media from keeping a tab on their life. There are no official photos to validate the claim that Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield were on a holiday together and hence the whole story cannot be called a genuine one.