Video By Valve Employee Hints At Left 4 Dead 3, Rumors About New Campaigns And Characters, Fans Looking For A 2017 Release!


Any news of Left 4 Dead 3 had first been revealed in January 2015. Since then there has been nothing, until six months ago there was again a rumor that left 4 Dead 3 might become a reality soon enough. The same rumor has again given birth to the anticipation that Left 4 Dead 3 might be out soon.

The whole world of Left 4 Dead 3 fans got excited when they saw Tristan Reidford; a Valve employee uploaded a tutorial that was meant to assist in importing source engine assets into the Destinations. Since Reidford had the video showing the interface of his laptop with the files in them, the fans caught a glimpse of a folder with the words Left 4 Dead 3.

This video has been removed and replaced with another, but that hasn’t stopped the fans from making the screenshot go viral. Those hoping for Left 4 Dead 3 coming out soon enough will be very disappointed, however, since Valve has come out with a statement that says that they are unable to count past two. This makes it very clear that Left 4 Dead 3 and Half-life 3 aren’t going to become realities soon.

Reports claim that the photo that has been doing the rounds is most probably photoshopped and isn’t a real picture. The reason for this being that only the game which has caused so much of speculation among the fans can be seen. On the other hand, there are fans of Left 4 Dead 3 who feel that Valve has been teasing the fans purposely so that the interest for Left 4 Dead 3 increases.

Left  4 Dead

The fans know what they have seen, and they feel that since the folder named, Left 4 Dead 3 was on the recent activities list of the Valve employee, he might be associated in the development of the third installment of the zombie apocalypse game. Many believe that Valve denies the presence of Left 4 Dead 3 since it doesn’t want things to be public so early in the development process.

Express has reported that Tristan Reidford and the developers from Valve have been playing Left 4 Dead 2 very frequently these days. This hints at the fact that the third game in the series is in the works, and the developers have been playing the last game so that they know what changes and developments they have to make in the upcoming installment.

Reports are claiming that there are going to be four characters in Left 4 Dead 3, and they have already been assigned names and characteristics.

The lone female character in Left 4 Dead 3 is likely to be called Katherine. The remaining three characters include a gangster who goes by the name Irvin; a Kenpo fighter named, Garrett Jr. and Keenan.

Yibada has reported that Left 4 Dead 3 is going to be equipped with six different campaigns and some of these will include Cliff-Hanger, Destination, Inquisitor, Impasse, No Mercy, and Crashland. There are rumors that the basic premise of Left 4 Dead 3 is complete. The game having covered its preliminary layout, is on the way to being checked and fine-tuned, before the release.