Enjoy A New Battle System With Monster Towers In World Of Final Fantasy, Over 100 Hours Of Game Play To Be Enjoyed!

The fans of Final Fantasy were thoroughly surprised when a video with the gameplay of World of Final Fantasy was released. The video is a treat for the players of World of Final Fantasy since it includes a very different aspect of the gameplay. The World of Final is a sort of love letter to the fans of the franchise.

The World of Final Fantasy doesn’t fall under the regular chain of games from the franchise. It has its very own characters and gameplay and is entirely new. According to the video of the gameplay, the story of World of Final Fantasy involves two siblings, Lann, and Reynn, who have been forced to face the world of Grimoire, where they discover their memories.

Unlike the other games from Final Fantasy, the art for World of Final Fantasy is more suitable for children and might be Square Enix’s way of connecting with the younger audience.

According to Breathe Cast, the World of Final Fantasy is going to be out on the 25th of October and will be available for the players on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita. Those who are craving to try out the game immediately after its launch can avail pre-orders via Dell Home.

Some of the new gameplays in World of Final Fantasy include a new battle system where the players can use their already captured monsters to create a tower, which can then go ahead and fight the enemies. The size of the monster tower and the combined force of it, will help them defeat powerful enemies and move forward in the game.

World of Final Fantasy is going to give ample scope for the players to customize the basic premise of the game. They can use their monsters to fight enemies and level up or use them to boost magicite and even cause them to evolve to derive more specialization. The players can also use the monsters to travel distance in the game world.

Square Enix has revealed that in World of Final Fantasy, which is about stacking up high, there is a whole world up above, and the players can use their monsters and creatures to cross obstacles and reach new levels.

There is an entire world out there that has never been revealed in other games of Final Fantasy, and the players of World of Final Fantasy are also going to end up meeting familiar characters from Final Fantasy.

Square Enix has reported that the Final Fantasy characters who appear in World of Final Fantasy belongs to the same world and have lived there from the start.

It is going to be interesting for the players to note how each character know each other in the most unexpected ways. Some of the old characters from Final Fantasy include Tidus, who is being used in World of Final Fantasy to cause massive destruction for the opponents.

According to Tech News Today, there is something called the Mirage Board, which will remind the players of the Sphere Grid and the Crystarium that they had seen in Final Fantasy X and XIII respectively. The Mirage Board is going to help the players train and develop skills so that they can take down powerful enemies.