Gran Turismo Sport Will Include Amazing New Models and Original Parts, Gamers Will Be Able To Earn a Real Racing License!

Sony has sold more than 75 million copies of the Gran Turismo franchise and till now, it remains the highest-selling game from Sony stables. However, the presence of this franchise in this year’s E3 was pretty understated.

At Sony’s booth this year, Gran Turismo occupied a significant part of the floor space, but only a few seconds of airtime were shared during the company’s latest press conference.

After being nudged away from the spotlight, Sony’s Gran Turismo Sport faces more competition than ever. It is also an important game in this series. Kazunori Yamauchi, the overlord of this franchise, said that this game offers a level of innovation that hasn’t been seen since the original Gran Turismo franchise.

The game has been stripped and then rebuilt from scratch for its debut on the PS4 console. Even though it seems to be the case, right now it seems that all of it has been put together in the same way.

Apparently, this means that you will witness lavish and clean car models, impressive menus, and the presence of incredible driving mechanics. It includes understanding the sense of weight and the way a vehicle moves around under the effect threshold braking. Gran Turismo Sport will offer all of it.

Kazunori Yamauchi declared that they have the FIA Gran Turismo Digital License, and it is a program that presents a real motorsports license. He has a motorsports license himself but getting it was pretty difficult. It took a lot of money and time and all over the world, fewer and fewer people are getting involved in motorsports.

Therefore, it is a program that plans to increase the overall popularity of motorsports in today’s world. Kazunori said that the racing etiquette mode needs to be completed to become eligible for the license.

In the campaign mode events, players need to achieve silver or better results and after that, the player needs to maintain or exceed a particular level of sportsmanship points and driver class. Keep in mind that the license you will earn through Gran Turismo Sport is a motorsports license, which is quite different from a driver’s license.

Racing or motorsports license will allow you to participate legally in on-track events.  Since Sony is running an eSports title with FIA, there is a section where we can learn about racing behavior and etiquette. Players will be able to learn various things like flags, signals, the way to behave when there’s a safety car nearby and focusing on driver’s conduct.

The game focuses on all the knowledge that is required of you during a real-world motorsport event.  To make sure that a player faces fair, clean and safe races online, players will have two indexes which somehow evaluate their performances and abilities.

The Drivers class focuses on the speed and strength of a driver during a race and then we have Sportsmanship points. It indicates the nature of their manners and their behavior with other cars on the track.

The Sportsmanship points will keep going down for players who drive rough online. After a certain point, they will be only matched with other players who drive roughly as well. At the same time, players who drive clean will be matched with other similar players.