Rumors About Bloodline Season 3 Being Cancelled, Nolan Will Be The Focus Next Season, Danny To Continue Being A Strong Presence!

The fans of Bloodline are quite worried since there is a flood of rumors online, which hint at the fact that Bloodline Season 3 might not be a possibility. The second season of Bloodline had ended with a bang when the fans started hearing rumors of the show being canceled.

Yibada has reported that Netflix isn’t keen on continuing with Bloodline Season 3 since the show had seen a massive dip in TRP in the previous season. Bloodline Season 1 was a huge hit with both the viewers and the critics, who praised the plot and the way the whole show was conducted. This saw Season 2 positively welcomed, but then the discrepancies between the two seasons became apparent, and the ratings fell.

Netflix hasn’t yet officially announced the cancellation of Bloodline, but it hasn’t even announced Bloodline Season 3. This has given rise to speculations that the show is going to see a cancellation and the fans are disappointed.

Breathe Cast reported that the executive producer of Bloodlines, Glenn Kessler has opened up about Bloodline Season 3. He has informed the fans that neither he nor his team have heard any news about the renewal of the series. Kessler went on to add that the creative team has a lot of plans for Bloodline Season 3, and they will go ahead with it when they get the green signal from Netflix.

Christian Times has come out to reveal that the cancellation of Bloodline Season 3 might not only be the result of a drop in the TRP. There seems to be a financial crisis that the production team is facing and in such a situation, where they are not bringing in enough money to the network, Netflix doesn’t want to do any business with them.

There are speculations that one of the main reasons for Bloodline Season 3 running into a problem was because the preferred location for the series, which is the Florida Keys, is quite expensive and the production didn’t have enough money to continue, and the production had to be temporarily suspended.

While there is no news on whether Bloodline Season 3 is going to become a reality, Ecumenical News has reported that the fans are hopeful that the show is going to be out with the third season, even if they have to wait for a while. The fans are hopeful, and they are speculating that the show is going to focus on Nolan (Owen Teague).

This speculation has been made on the fact the Bloodline Season 3 is going to pick up from where Bloodline Season 2 had ended. The show had shown Nolan, who is Danny’s son (Ben Mendelsohn) getting used to life in the Rayburn family.

When Owen Teague was asked about what’s there in the future of Bloodline Season 3, he replied saying that he was as clueless as the fans about Season 3. Teague teased that if Bloodline Season 3 is a possibility, then the fans of the series are going to see his character, Nolan getting into bad things to achieve a better life for himself.

According to Tampa Bay Times, Nolan is still young and isn’t someone who shies away from doing bad things to make things better in his life. He is at home in the Rayburn family since the whole family is very similar to this. The viewers are well aware that Nolan has been trying to distance himself from the bad thing he has done since he feels guilty about it.