Rumors About Bloodline Season 3 Being Cancelled, Nolan Will Be The Focus Next Season, Danny To Continue Being A Strong Presence!

Teague went on to add that Nolan is never going to be a Danny in the making since the former has faced a lot of disappointment from Danny. Nolan, in fact, doesn’t like the fact that his appearance and habit instantly lets people know that he is Danny’s son.

There is also the question of whether Nolan is indeed the son of Danny, that has to be explored in Bloodline Season 3. Now fans will have to wait for Bloodline Season 3 to find out what’s in store for Nolan.

Bloodline had left the fans shocked since Danny was drowned when the fans least expected it. Everyone would agree that the whole Rayburn family story is guided by the coming back of Danny and every single character’s story is tightly connected to the revenge-minded attitude of his.

Hence it is shocking that Danny would be shown to be drowned by John (Kyle Chandler). If Bloodline Season 3 becomes a reality, the fans will be happy to know that Danny is going to continue being a strong force even without his presence being there. He will be an integral member in memory and death. John, too, will enjoy a prominent place in Bloodline Season 3.

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