Enjoy A New Battle System With Monster Towers In World Of Final Fantasy, Over 100 Hours Of Game Play To Be Enjoyed!

There is another interesting aspect of the game that the players are going to be looking forward to. It is believed that Square Enix has created World of Final Fantasy in a carefree manner, where the game allows the players to go ahead and explore the town even when they are stuck in a dungeon. They can then come back to the dungeon and play the rest of the game from that point onwards.

While the players were gearing up for Final Fantasy XV to come and surprise them, Square Enix sprang a surprise on them by revealing the screenshots of the World of Final Fantasy. Yes, in the first look, the game looks cute and would appeal to the children, but then it does pack in a lot of exciting things. The players of World of Final Fantasy also get the scope to skip and fast forward through event scenes.

There is a general verdict that the World of Final Fantasy looks like a mash up between Final Fantasy and Pokémon and it is going to be the game to watch out for on PlayStation 4. The players are excited since no Pokémon game has been released on any PS platform yet.

Techno Buffalo has revealed that World of Final Fantasy is going to be a huge game, which will include more than 200 collectible characters and will involve a gameplay of over 100 hours. There are plans of releasing figurines from the World of Final Fantasy to promote the game.

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