Gary Sinise Will Join Criminal Minds Spin-Off, Beyond Borders, Emily Prentiss Could Return In Criminal Minds Season 12, And More!

Gary Sinise plays a part in the new Criminal Minds spin-off, Beyond Borders. He is an old-fashioned guy who likes old-fashioned heroes. Erica Messer and Mark Gordon, the producers, approached him about joining this series. He was quite interested in moving past the cliché of a law enforcer fighting with his darker side.

He told Fairfax Media that people see the broken law enforcement man all the time, dealing with the darkness of his past and demons lurking within. Gary Sinise said that our demons are quite dark already, and people wish to see law enforcement people who can battle those demons without nourishing them.

Gary plays Special Agent Jack Garrett in Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders. He is the head of International Response Team (IRT), located within the FBI. The team members include agents Matt Simmons (Daniel Henney), Clara Seger (Alana de la Garza), Mae Jarvis (Annie Funke) and Monty Montgomery (Tyler James Williams).

Sherry Stringfield, former ER star, will play the role of Jack’s wife, Karen Garrett. In the first Criminal Minds spin-off, Suspect Behavior, we saw Forest Whitaker and Janeane Garofalo. It was launched back in 2011 but was canceled after 13 episodes due to low ratings.

The audience for Beyond Borders seems to be softer than that of Suspect Behavior.  After spending a lot of his time with veterans’ issues and spending a decade with CSI spin-off, CSI: NY, Gary Sinise decided to come to this series. Sinise said that he was blessed to have worked in CSI: NY and during that time, he got involved with the military and veterans.

He became aware of the fact that having the stability of working in television was indeed a positive aspect. He is the star of various films like The Green Mile, Forrest Gump and Apollo 13. According to him, Beyond Borders involves a very straightforward approach to the storytelling aspect. He said that it is a lot about good guys, villains, heroes, bad guys and good versus evil.

Gary’s character, Jack Garrett is a good husband and a good father. During an interview with, Sinise talked about his role’s background and how it differed from Mac Taylor. According to Sinise, Garrett enjoys a successful family life, married to his high-school sweetheart and having lots of children.

Mac Taylor, on the other hand, was a loner and very dedicated to his role as a police officer. He was asked about what the audience can expect fromthis show. Sinise replied that it would be very straightforward, featuring a battle between good and evil. In the show, the team will get involved in a lot of dark cases, but the good guys will catch the bad guys at the end with viewers ultimately feeling good about it.

In other news, Season 12 of Criminal Minds, featured a lot of adjustments being made in the BAU team after last season, a spot was vacated by one of their finest.

In Season 11, Derek Morgan, played by Shemar Moore, surrendered his patch after realizing that he and his family members will be in constant danger due to the criminals they keep facing from time to time.

Spoilers indicate that Reid Spencer, the closest friend of Morgan will be heavily affected by Derek’s decision. This will probably affect his rapport with new team member, played by Adam Rodriguez, the CSI: Miami alum. Reports indicate that Reid will have a difficult time dealing with the introduction of this new character.