Super Smash Bros. Melee Will Be an Excellent Game at Evo 2016; SSB Gamers Need to Check out China’s New Rip-Off Title!

Most people felt that Super Smash Bros. Melee would be a distant memory by now but from the looks of, fate had some other plans in store. In 2013, gamers witnessed a revolution in Nintendo’s fighting game and to elevate the community beyond all expectations; two major events started converging.

A nine-part documentary was dropped by The Smash Bros. which further boosted the community with a nice influx of new players. When combined with Evo 2013 donation drive’s Spirit Bomb Moment, it granted a place for Super Smash Bros. in the tournament.

After three years, Evo 2016 will be the biggest Smash Bros Melee tournament of all time, taking place from 15th to 17th July in Las Vegas. People were not able to predict this growth after witnessing the SSBM scene back in 2013.

Among most fighting games, it was considered an outcast. In most games, traditional fighters featured more adult aesthetics while Nintendo was considered to be childish by most hardcore gamers.

Moreover, the company had a completely different take on what Super Smash Bros. offered on fighting games. However, this game outlived all other traditional competitive fighting games. In spite of being 15 years old, the game is still fresh among its players and spectators, and I would call that a massive success. Melee is a highly complex game at the higher levels.

It will take years to grasp completely the depth in which most players see Super Smash Bros. Melee. The mechanics of this game is responsible for keeping it fresh. Proper handling of your character is an absolute necessity if you wish to play the game competitively. At the same time, the game is itself unique in the control it offers to players.

If you need to master a lot of amazing exploits or advanced techniques. To move smoothly at a competitive level, you may need to play it for years. What’s surprising is that new players keep joining the community so long after the game’s initial release.

However, it is not difficult to understand why players love it so much. It is because the players are addicted to the movements they can perform, once they have mastered the game.

In other news, you will be shocked after seeing the new Super Smash Bros. rip-off game, originating from China. The game has been slated for the mobile platform and in the beginning; Pocket All-Stars Smash Bros might sound a lot similar to the original game.

However, the gameplay is completely different. You can forget the latest Splatoon clone; this game is a lot more brazen. You will find ‘Smash Bros’ written in Japanese, under the game’s Chinese name. Twitter users ZhugeEX and Pangtao pointed out that this game features characters from the original Super Smash Bros.

Pangtao told Kotaku that this game is turn-based and card-based, and players have the ability to level-up their characters. Furthermore, you can purchase stuff as well. Pangtao reported that most Chinese gamers want Nintendo to deal with such knock-off because they do a lot of damage.

Last year’s Evolution Championship Series was totally dominated by Capcom in the fighting video game scene. The company enjoyed the largest number of gamer participants. The same year, we saw Ultra Street Fighter having more than 2000 entrants.