Half Life 3 Could Release In 2018, Will It Be VR-Ready? Let’s See

Half-life 3


Half Life 3 has achieved meme status, and the game is almost mythical at this point. People have been speculating the existence of this title and whether it’s being developed at the moment. Since 2007, nobody has any idea about this game. For many years, Valve has kept everyone guessing while fans kept searching for rumors and speculations.

People started hanging on to every single piece of information available on this topic but did so in vain.  There were no signs suggesting that Valve would ever bring out a Half-Life 3. However, 2016 could be the year when this game is finally confirmed.

A reliable source reported a lot of possible information on this highly anticipated game, has recently surfaced on the internet. Some of it came from Pastebin where a user managed to dig up the possible title for Valve’s upcoming Half-Life game.

It was revealed that Half-Life 2: Episode 3 has been canceled and instead, the company is developing a full-fledged Half-Life 3 game. According to them, the upcoming sequel will introduce reactive controls which depend on the player’s decision-making ability in the game.

There will be no forced cut-scenes and players will be able to interact with almost everything. The unknown user has also discovered a concept of VR integration.

Valve Portal 3

The VR aspect was not discussed in detail, but fans should consider the fact that Valve teamed up with HTC to bring out the HTC Vive VR headset. It is unlikely that if Half-Life 3 ever comes out, they won’t include a VR element in it.

The same unknown user behind this report suggested that people need to be more patient with information related to Half Life 3. According to another source, the game will be released in December 2018, coinciding with the 20th anniversary of the Half-Life franchise. Alan Yates, the Valve Hardware Engineer, came on board to work closely with the AR/VR team of Valve.

Currently, it makes up about one-third of their workforce. However, Valve is yet to comment on or confirm anything at this point of time. Skeptics have suggested that Half-Life 3 will not feature a good script due to the absence of Mark Laidlaw, the team’s creative director.

Gabe Newell, the Valve CEO, said that the only reason they would go back and consider working on Half Life 3 is if a lot of internal people want to do it and provide valid explanations for it as well.

People keep waiting for Half Life 3 even though rumors coming out cannot confirm anything whatsoever. Gamers have been waiting for more than ten years to play this game but no good news till now. Valve has its focused directed on other projects, and there is nothing credible to be offered to gamers regarding Half-Life 3.

What’s next?

With Mark Laidlaw no longer in the company, hopes for a new game have decreased. It is a major blow for gamers that he is no longer involved with the franchise, but gamers are yet to abandon all hope on Half Life 3. We are not sure about the fate of this game,but a great script will ensure its success. As Newell stated, he wants the private people of Valve to provide reasonable explanations as to why they want this game to exist.