Will The Location Of Two Missing Valyrian Swords Be Revealed In Winds Of Winter? The Book Has Been Completed and Will Be Released By Year-End!

A lot of fans are waiting for Winds of Winter spoilers, but most of us don’t think about the two missing Valyrian swords. A long time ago, House Targaryen was the most powerful house of Westeros. They possessed two Valyrian Steel blades.

Sadly, by the time of Robert Baratheon’s rebellion, both these blades were lost. We have Dance with Dragons now, but they are yet to resurface. However, we can predict the future after listening to the tale of those two Valyrian Steel swords.

Speculations suggest that both of them will soon reappear. The fact that Targaryens had twice the number of Valyrian Steel Swords compared to other Westeros houses makes complete sense.

They originated from Valyria and brought the swords with them directly. During the Conquest, both these swords were used by Aegon the Conqueror and his two sisters. For over one and a half century, both Dark Sister and Blackfyre were closely linked with House Targaryen. Sadly, it has all changed.

One can easily trace Blackfyre’s history since the sword has a crucial place in the history of Seven Kingdoms. Blackfyre was given to Daemon Waters, the bastard son of Aegon IV the Unworthy.

This is probably because Aegon believed that his true heir was a bastard himself. A certain amount of legitimacy was conferred on his bastard son and with that, Aegon fully legitimized him, while lying on his deathbed.

After that, Daemon took Blackfyre as his surname and started the first Blackfyre Rebellion. He passed away but Aegon Rivers ‘Bittersteel’, his half-brother, took the sword from the battlefield and went to Essos.

There, he developed the Golden Company. It is believed that the sword is still with Golden Company. Aegon VI Targaryen owns this mercenary company.

He goes by the alias Young Griff. The other Valyrian sword, Dark Sister, was a smaller one and built to be used by a woman. Visenya Targaryen, Aegon’s sister, was the original wielder of this sword. Aegon the Dragonknight had this sword but it later went to Brynden Rivers, another Targaryen Great Bastard. He was better known by the name Bloodraven.

If Bloodraven never gave away Dark Sister, this particular blade could still be located beyond the wall. In fact, Bran could be very close to it. If the rumors are true, it is possible that he or Meera could bring it back. Unless Winds of Winter is released, we will have no idea about where the swords are.

Currently, there is no other book that people all over the world are more anticipating than The Winds of Winter. We have been waiting four years for the sixth book in A Song of Ice and Fire series. Reports indicate that GRRM has already finished the book, but he is currently waiting for a year-end release.

At the same time, George has been pretty generous in discussing free chapters from The Winds of Winter. The BitBag reported that he has already finished the book and even if he hasn’t, he is probably close to finishing it.

Yibada further reported that The Winds of Winter has already been completed by the author.  However, he is waiting for the perfect moment to declare the official release date. If you want to read this book, the best time to acquire it would be during the holidays.

Martin progress with this book was so slow that HBO filmed and completed all five seasons of Game of Thrones ever since the last book was released in 2011 July. The TV show has clearly progressed beyond the books.