Fans Shocked To Know That There Is No Plan For Penny Dreadful Season 4, Petition Started To Get Support For A Better Finale!

Ever since Penny Dreadful Season 4 ended with the character of Vanessa Ives being killed, the fans have had a dreadful premonition that the popular drama series might be on the verge of ending. The show was about the problems that the character of Vanessa Ives faced in her life and her death meant that these problems would never arise, and this ends the basic premise on which the show is based.

The character of Vanessa Ives was portrayed brilliantly by actress Eva Green and creator John Logan reportedly said that there was no point in continuing with Penny Dreadful if the protagonist is absent. This has shocked the fans since they never saw the end of Penny Dreadful coming in so soon.

Games N Guide reported that John Logan had in fact, not made any comments on whether Penny Dreadful Season 4 is on the cards. He had revealed that the two-part finale that Penny Dreadful Season 3 had would be the last that the viewers would see the show since it killed off the main character in the series.

This comment by John Logan was met with a lot of criticism from the fans since they felt that the creator of the show couldn’t just put an end to a series. A lot of people who were involved in making Penny Dreadful a success and that he should have thought about the crew and staff members before taking his call.

John Logan has come out to make his stand on Penny Dreadful Season 4 very clear. He said that the finale of Penny Dreadful Season 3 tied up all the loose ends that were present in the story of Vanessa Ives, and they showed her get back her faith while fighting against all the odds, which was what she had started to look for.

However, this doesn’t go down well with the fans since they didn’t see it coming. The fans were very sure that once Penny Dreadful Season 3 ends there is going to be an announcement about the fourth season of Penny Dreadful. Instead of that, they were left with John Clare (Roy Kinnear) reciting a poem in front of Penny’s grave, which was followed by the words The End.

The first thought in their minds was that the third season had ended and that there is going to be a Season 4 in the works soon. It is now that they realize that the creator had no plans for the fourth season.

There are, however, some speculation that suggests that Penny Dreadful Season 4 might be worked out given the pressure from the fans and the show is already known for bringing back characters from the dead.

Morning Ledger reported that the fans aren’t going to rest in peace until they have a positive response for Penny Dreadful Season 4. While Vanessa Ives might have restored her faith, but there are other characters who have a lot of questions left unanswered in their story arcs. The fans want to know what will happen to Dracula and whether they will ever be able to find out more details about Catriona.