Summer Update For Clash Of Clans Released, Fans Not Very Happy With What They Received, Tips And Tricks For The Game, More Details

Those who couldn’t avail the update since they haven’t reached the required level yet, there are a few tricks and tips that they can be used to go ahead in Clash of Clans. The players would know that the most valuable resources in the game are gold and elixir, and the players should protect these at all cost.

The key to not losing them is never to keep a lot of the resources in the village since there is a chance that they will be looted at night. The resources should be used up for training the troops or building structures and upgrading them.

When a player joins a particular Clan and enters a Clan War, they can use spells to turn the whole war in their favor. However, crafting a spell takes some time, so players need to start preparing them before they get into the Clan Wars. Another way of ensuring victory is by not forgetting the troops that can be inside the Clan Castle.

There is a feature by which Clan mates can send in reinforcements, who attack as soon as the enemy reaches the periphery of the castle. This can be used during raids to distract the troops while the village is attacked.

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