Summer Update For Clash Of Clans Released, Fans Not Very Happy With What They Received, Tips And Tricks For The Game, More Details

The fans of Clash of Clans have finally got their hands on the much-anticipated summer update. There has been a lot of excitement about the summer update, and while it has pleased some fans, others are disappointed with what Supercell offered them.

The update is smaller than what many players expected it to be. However, Parent Herald reported that the summer update has brought in some exciting features.

Supercell had announced on their official Twitter account that the summer update is going to bring in new troops for the Archer Tower and Giant levels. The update also removed air raids to give more strengths to the Giants.

The update didn’t take much time to be released, and the fans were already prepared for most of the new elements, but many aren’t happy with what Supercell had to offer them.

The summer update is available only to the players in the Town Hall 11. This prevents players who haven’t reached the level of Tower Hall 11 to lose out on the update.

Supercell had announced the update for Clash of Clans three months before, and the players feel that the game developers didn’t put in enough effort to come out with a better update. The only reward that the players got was Giant level 8 and the Archer Tower 14.

There were talks about new characters being brought in for Clash of Clans, but there was nothing in the summer update. There are talks of bringing in characters and spells from Clash Royale to Clash of Clans, and the players were hopeful that a glimpse of it would be seen in the Clash of Clans summer update, but then that never happened.

Supercell had also talked about introducing baby dragons, miners and skeleton spells in the upcoming patches for Clash of Clans. However, neither of these have featured in the recent summer update. This has made the players hopeful that Supercell is going to release another update for Clash of Clans soon enough, which will help in getting all these features in the game.

The Archer Tower have become more powerful in Clash of Clan after the update, and the players want to see how they are going to impact the Queenwalk. Supercell has continuously cut down on this particular power, and it is going to be interesting to see how they continue to do so in the summer update for Clash of Clans.

There hasn’t been much time to experiment with the update since it is a new one, but players are soon going to try and find out what difference the gameplay is going to see the increased stats. Several tech experts have already sought to figure out how accurate the DPS count is, for the new changes in the Clash of Clans.

Clash of Clans has been a favorite game since the very beginning, and there haven’t been any changes that the game has seen over the course of time. The first update that the game received was the Friendly Challenge Update and it as the largest patch the Clash of Clans has seen since it was released. The patch made a lot of tweaks to the game and fixed bugs.

It also brought in new troops and new gameplays. Players shouldn’t compare the summer update with the Friendly Challenge update since the size is very different. The summer update took only three months to complete, and there were hardly any significant changes and updates made to the game with its release.