Trailer Of Vikings Season 4 Reveals Ragnar’s Return, Floki And Bjorn Head To The Mediterranean, Lagertha And Aslaug To Get Into A Battle

There are still a few months until Vikings Season 4 is back with the second half, but this hasn’t stopped the fans from getting excited about what’s in store. The San Diego Comic-Con saw the panel from History Channel’s Vikings come out to share some exciting news with the fans. The first thing that the fans at the Comic-Con were treated to was the trailer for the second half of Vikings Season 4.

The midseason of Vikings Season 4 had ended with the second Paris campaign that Ragnar Lothbrok (Travis Fimmel) undertook. He had been unsuccessful in it and was defeated in the hands of his brother Rollo (Clive Standen). The midseason finale ended with a time jump of six years, and we see that Ragnar’s sons have all grown up.

The trailer reveals that Ragnar, who had disappeared after the Paris campaign has returned to Kattegat, but no one seems to be happy. Bjorn (Alexander Ludwig) is shown talking to The Seer (John Kavanaugh) and trying to understand the situation now that Ragnar has returned. The Seer informs Bjorn that Ragnar’s return is going to see the kingdom face chaos, calamity, and death, but Bjorn says that he isn’t afraid of them.

In the midst of the misfortune that is going to face Kattegat, the trailer reveals that Bjorn is going to join Floki (Gustaf Skarsgard) to head towards the Mediterranean and pillage the places there. A significant chunk of the second half of Vikings Season 4 is going to show the bond that is going to develop between Bjorn and Floki.

The sons of Ragnar have grown up without their father, and they aren’t happy to see him. There is a custom among the Vikings where the old ruler is killed by the ablest man in the kingdom, who then sits on the throne. While Ragnar is hardly there to fulfill his role as the king of Kattegat, he is the ablest man alive, and there isn’t anyone to kill him.

Vikings Season 4 was supposed to be the season that will season Ragnar breathe his last. The fans had initially thought that this is going to happen in the midseason finale, but it didn’t. The trailer for the second half of Vikings Season 4 shows Ragnar surrounded by men with spears who place him inside a cage.

Michael Hirst had made it very clear that the story of Vikings would be focused on the sons of Ragnar from Season 4. According to the pages of history, Ivar the Boneless turns out to be the most famous Vikings ruler and the trailer reveals Ragnar was telling him that the whole world would know the name of Ivar the Boneless.

Bjorn is the first born of Ragnar, and he is rightfully the heir to the throne of Kattegat. Among all the sons, Bjorn resembles him most and has always been very loyal to his father. With Ragnar siding Ivar the Boneless, there is a chance that Bjorn might feel cheated, and this is where his relationship with Floki might play out.

The midseason finale of Vikings Season 4 saw Lagertha (Katheryn Winnick) getting stabbed in the chest and falling. The fans had felt that she wouldn’t make it because Lagertha was absent after the time jump. However, Katheryn Winnick has addressed the fears of the fans. She has made it very clear that Lagertha is too important to be killed off in Vikings Season 4.