Baz Luhrmann’s The Get Down Has A Special Screening, Jaden Smith Talks About The Series, Bieber’s New Clothing Range Inspired By Jaden Smith

Baz Luhrmann’s upcoming show for Netflix called The Get Down has already captured the attention of the viewers with the trailers. The story is going to deal with the birth of hip-hop in the late ‘70s and is going to trace the life of the young in South Bronx. Baz Luhrmann is known for his distinct style, and this style can be seen in the way he takes risks in his projects.

The same can be seen in Netflix’s The Get Down, where he took a risk with the cast. He made Shameik Moore play the role of Shaolin Fantastic, a graffiti artist who turned into a DJ and made the protagonist, Ezekiel (Justice Smith) enter a world of b-boys. He even went ahead and cast Jaden Smith in the role of a secondary character.

Complex reported that Jaden Smith has a brand of his own, and he might overshadow the other cast members in his role as the graffiti artist names Dizzee. However, the trailer reveals that Baz Luhrmann knows his art better than anyone.

Not only does Shameik Moore make a powerful performance, Smith is coy and finds a place in the background, where he fulfills his role, but doesn’t take the limelight away from the protagonist.

Jaden Smith and Shameik Moore spoke out about their experience of working with Luhrmann for The Get Down. They said that first, they found out the history of hip-hop and then they watched a lot of documentaries get a feel of the time and the characters. The kids even had popular figures of hip-hop like Grandmaster Flash, Nas and Rahiem talk to them.

Smith has always been wise beyond his years, and he talks about how apart from the history of hip-hop, The Get Down teaches the viewers about magic realism. It is a lesson in life, where it shows these kids who pick up the spray cans and mics instead of a gun.

He also said that the show helps realize how innovation comes from struggles. The Get Down is going to premiere on Netflix on 12th of August.

Hip Hop DX reported that over the course of the weekend, a private screening was hosted by Baz Luhrmann at The Universal Hip Hop Museum in the Old Bronx Borough Courthouse. The special screening saw Grandmaster Flash present.

He is the producer for The Get Down. Also spotted were Sharon Carpenter, Grandmaster Caz, Spike Lee, A$AP Rocky and others.

Jaden Smith had given rise to a lot of debate when he started appearing in the public wearing skirts. While some frowned at it, Jaden Smith continued to follow his heart and went ahead to state that he was working for the world where there is no demarcation in gender when it comes to fashion. Jaden Smith even went on to create headlines when he was made the face of Louis Vuitton’s collection for women’s clothing.

It looks like Jaden Smith has inspired Justin Bieber’s new fashion line for Barneys. Justin Bieber has collaborated with Jerry Lorenzo from Fear of God to create a new line for his Purpose tour, and it contains a lot of pieces which features kilt, plaid, and distressed jeans.

The very look of the new collection makes it evident that Justin Bieber has been inspired by Jaden Smith’s look.

Justin Bieber and Jaden Smith have recently rekindled their friendship. The two had worked together for Justin’s Never Say Never album, but then they didn’t seem to be very close. Justin Bieber recently surprised his fans during the final leg of his Purpose Tour, by getting Jaden Smith on the stage at that Madison Square Garden.