Rumors About Chloe Lukasiak Joining Dance Moms

Dance Moms

With three of the most talented dancers from Abby Lee Dance Company leaving, the future of Lifetime’s Dance Moms was unsure but now Chloe Lukasiak has returned. There were reports that Dance Moms Season 7 might not see the light of the day. While the rumors were going around, Abby Lee Miller had been uploading photos hinting at the fact that Season 7 is going to be a reality, but there weren’t very many takers.

Now Parent Herald has reported that Dance Moms Season 7 is going to happen, and there is official confirmation on the matter. With Maddie Ziegler and her sister Mackenzie, leaving Dance Moms with their mother, Melissa Gisoni, the show was expected to suffer. The two girls had a huge following, and many didn’t want to continue watching the reality show without their favorite dancers.

While Abby Lee Miller was coping with the shock of the departure of her star student, Maddie Ziegler, she was faced with the news that Nia Frazier is going to leave the show as well. Nia got her big break in the Broadway, and she shifted to New York.

Now with three girls missing from the Elite group of dancers, Abby Lee Miller was faced with a predicament. There were talks of her focusing on the junior team and also getting in boys for the senior team. It was at the same time that Abby Lee Miller expressed her interest in getting Chloe Lukasiak back on Dance Moms.


Season 4

Chloe Lukasiak had left Dance Moms after Season 4 when she faced a lot of criticism from Abby Lee Miller. Miller even made her face her best friend, Abby Lee Miller at competitions and always criticized Lukasiak for not being good enough.

Chloe Lukasiak had taken the decision to leave Dance Moms and ALDC, and she started training in another dance studio. She has since then grown to be a powerful dancer and has also had a very successful career. When Chloe Lukasiak was asked if she is interested in coming back to Dance Moms, she had denied it.

Rumors are suggesting that Chloe Lukasiak might be coming back for Dance Moms Season 7. She recently shared a post talking about being on the last day at the Studio 19. This immediately caught the attention of the fans, and they are waiting for an official confirmation on whether Lukasiak is indeed coming back for Dance Moms.

Maddie Ziegler, on the other hand, has revealed that she has no regrets in leaving Dance Moms. She said that she was sad when she had to say goodbye to her family at ALDC, but it was the best decision that she had taken. In an interview with Today, Maddie Ziegler stated that she had no regrets in leaving Dance Moms.

Music Times reported that Maddie Ziegler is going to be a part of Sia’s Nostalgia for the Present Tour. The news was officially announced on Sia’s website.


Maddie Ziegler has been a favorite of Sia for a long time, having been a part of her music video for Chandelier, Cheap Thrills, and Elastic Heart. Sia even got Ziegler to perform with her onstage for Saturday Night Live and Grammy Awards in 2015.

The Nostalgia for the Present Tour will begin on August 4th at the Crocus Concert Hall in Moscow and the tickets for the same are already available.