Rumors About Chloe Lukasiak Joining Dance Moms

In other news, Dance Moms alum, Mackenzie Ziegler is rumored to be dating a boy named Johnny Orlando. The rumor was started when Mackenzie shared a photo with the boy on her Instagram account.

Orlando uploaded a photo of the two of them on his account as well. According to Yibada, the two of them are just friends, and there’s nothing more to it.


Nia Frazier while talking about her Broadway breakthrough has given credit to her coach, Abby Lee Miller. She thanked Miller for giving her the skills and the training required to make a career in dancing but has made it very clear that it was her hard work and dedication that got her the chance to be a part of Trip of Love.

Abby Lee has previously said on Dance Moms that she is a star-maker and has helped launch the career of many successful youngsters. In fact, Abby Lee Miller had gone on record to say that Maddie Ziegler owes her career to Dance Moms and ALDC.

Nia Frazier spoke to International Business Times and made it very clear that in spite of Abby Lee Miller’s connection with the Broadway, she had no role to play in Nia getting selected for James Walski’s Trip of Love.

Nia Frazier stated that she is excited to be performing on Broadway and is looking forward to Abby Lee Miller coming over to watch her perform, soon.

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