No Official News On The Last Of Us 2, Druckmann And Team Moved To Uncharted 4, Poster Reveals Easter Eggs, Makes Fan Hopeful!

There is a sudden increase in the hype surrounding The last of Us 2 because of the poster that was released. Christian Today reported that the fans have claimed that the supposed poster of Uncharted 4 contains a lot of Easter Eggs regarding The Last of Us 2. There hasn’t yet been any official announcement of the game, and the poster indicates that finally, the game is under development.

The poster for Uncharted 4 shows a photo with a picture of Ellie and fans claim that the female protagonist looks pregnant in it. There is a lot of speculation that Ellie’s child is going to be the focus for The Last of Us 2.

There is a chance that Ellie’s immunity has passed on to her child as well. There is a lot of discussion on who the father of the child is and all hope that it isn’t Joel, given that he is like a father-figure to Ellie.

Neil Druckmann, the creative director of The Last of Us, had made it very clear that the Uncharted game series is held the key to the release of The Last of Us. When The Last of Us was pitched, it was rejected by George Romero.

However, Neil Druckmann wasn’t going to accept this rejection and he decided to go ahead and pitched the idea of a mini-series, he went on to work for Uncharted along with Naughty Dog.

When Druckmann worked wonders with The Last of Us 2, Sony gave it permission to come out with The Last of Us. The Last of Us was a huge success, but that hasn’t helped in confirming The Last of Us 2. There are rumors that The Last of Us 2 is going to be unveiled at the E3 2016, but that didn’t happen.

The fans of the game aren’t ready to accept that The Last of Us 2 has been canceled. They believe that Naughty Dog is busy working on The Last of Us 2, and because they are behind schedule, they didn’t want to waste time on the E3 2106 and hence decided to give the event a miss.

Troy Baker, who lends his voice to Joel in The Last of Us, had said last June during the Metro Con that he knows that The Last of Us 2 is going to happen. His statement had given rise to a lot of excitement, but he had since then retracted his statement and had refused to divulge any information on the same topic. He had even gone ahead to apologize to the fans since he had made the statement without having any information.

Baker had said that fans might think he has all the information about The Last of Us 2 since he is the voice actor, but he doesn’t. He had felt that The Last of Us 2 is on the cards given that the game was a huge success.

The game was critically acclaimed and also a successful one, and he had felt that a sequel is probably on the cards.

While there is no confirmation on whether The Last of Us 2 is going to be a reality, Ecumenical News has reported that the second installment of the game is likely going to see Ellie killing Joel. Joel might have killed all the Fireflies in the hospital to save Ellie, but Ellie might have some anger at Joel since she didn’t want to be rescued and was sure about sacrificing herself to better the condition of mankind.