Suits Season 5: Mike Arrested, Harvey Meets Dr. Agard Again, Producers Wanted Time Jump!

Korsh is one of the very showrunners who don’t mind giving in details about his series and he has also revealed to TV Line that Dr. Paula Agard is going to be back in the second half of Suits Season 5. Her returning doesn’t indicate good things, however.

There are only six episodes left in Suits Season 5 and Harvey is going to have to deal with a lot of crisis. Mike’s arrest is going to take a toll on him and there are chances that he will be heading back to therapy. He was just coping with the loss Donna and opening up about his mother’s betrayal when he had to deal with Jessica quitting and now Mike’s arrest.

After Mike handed over his resignation, Rachel stood helplessly watching as he was hand-cuffed and taken away by the police. Fans are very curious to know what will happen to Mike and Rachel’s relationship. The two had to cancel their marriage, but there are speculations that the two will not see the end of their relationship so soon.

Yahoo! TV has reported that some of the producers wanted to have a time jump after the midseason finale, but they went against it. Now Suits Season 5 episode 11 is going to start off from exactly where it ended.

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