Criminal Minds: Reid To Play An Important Role, Will Find Love Again, Mole Within The BAU!

According to the Christian Post, Criminal Mind is set to get more tension and drama on board. With some of the old characters on a break because of maternity leaves, there are also going to be new characters in upcoming Season 11.

The FBI Behavioral Analysis Unit is set to be very dramatic and Entertainment Weekly has revealed that Dr. Spencer Reid (Matthew Gubler) is going to be one of the few characters who will have a very interesting run in the new season of Criminal minds.

The show creator Erica Messer has revealed to Entertainment Weekly that Gubler is going to start using his brain as a physical unit, this might be a little disturbing for some of the fans, but she promised that the whole premise is going to be very interesting.

Erica Messer said that Reid will play an important role in in an important takedown in one of the episodes of Criminal Mind Season 11 and things will get spooky and disturbing However, regular viewers know that Reid can get a little crazy sometimes that they will only witness him in one of his most epic scenes ever.

There are more good news for the fans of Matthew Gubler; it seems like Season 11 of Criminal Minds is going to deal a lot with Dr. Reid. Reid had hit an all-time low when his fiancée was killed by a psychopath a few seasons back. Although he has come out of that shock, he isn’t fully recovered yet.

The showrunners are planning on giving Reid a person to connect and build a relationship with. For starter, he is going to get a new partner. With Kate Callahan (Jennifer Love Hewitt) leaving the unit in order to spend time with her niece and family, Hotch will be looking for someone to fill in her shoes and will interview Dr. Tara Lewis, played by Aisha Tyler.

Dr. Tara Lewis with her forensic psychology background is perfect for the team. She has a knack to find out the inner workings of the criminal, and Hotch feels that she will be a great addition to the FBI Behavioral Analysis Unit and brings her on board.

Tyler spoke to TV Line about her role and revealed that while there are agents who analyze the unsubs and then catches them, her role is to study the unsubs to figure out if they are fit to stand trial or not. Aisha Tyler seems to have impressed her boss a lot, since Messer commented on how smart a person Tyler is and that playing such a challenging role is like second nature to her.

Criminal Minds is set to get not one, not, two and not even three serial killers. Hotch (Thomas Gibbon) and his team will be tracking down the murders committed by a dozen of killers who are coming together to create havoc and have named themselves The Dirty Dozen. This is going to be the main plot of the Season 11 and the case is going to be solved only at the finale.

Things are set to be more exciting with a report that there is a mole within the FBI BAU. Master Herald has revealed that the person is leaking out a lot of valuable information to the public and the criminals out there. There have been no further clue about who this mole is, but fans can expect some interesting twists and turns along the way.