Suits Season 5: Mike Arrested, Harvey Meets Dr. Agard Again, Producers Wanted Time Jump!

Things have heated up in Suits Season 5. It has only been 10 episodes and there are so many changes already. Fans are already reeling about what’s in store for them when the next episode comes back.

Suits Season 5 started with things hitting a low point in Harvey’s life (Gabriel Macht) when Donna (Sarah Rafferty) came out with her feelings for him and quit being his assistant and started working for Louis Litt (Rick Hoffamn).

Season 5 of Suits saw Harvey spiraling down and fans were given a glimpse of a side of their favorite character that they never thought existed. He was getting into a weird zone in life when he decided to go ahead and try out therapy.

Suits creator Aaron Korsh said that Harvey isn’t someone who will go out and talk to another individual about his issues, but he could see that there was something wrong with him and that pushed him towards therapy.

Christina Cole was brought in to Suits Season 5 to play the role of the Harvard graduated psychologist who will help Harvey come to terms with Donna’s departure. She was doing a great job with him and fans were just started to see a glimmer of the old Harvey back for the first time this season, when Mike Ross suddenly got arrested.

Things started to get rather heated up in the Pearson-Specter-Littlaw firm since Jack Soloff (John Pyper-Ferguson) and Daniel Hardman (David Costabile) decided to start on with their first attack.

Daniel had a discussion with Jessica (Gina Torres) where he said that he would launch the offensive if Jessica handed him what was officially his. This left Jessica in a dilemma that she will be voted out of the firm.

While this was going on, Mike Ross (Patrick J. Adams) confessed to Father Walker about his past and also talked about his fears of losing his fiancé Rachel (Megan Markle). Viewers had always known that Mike had never been to Harvard to study law and it was something that he had always lied about.

Episode 10 of Suits Season 5 suddenly saw Mike getting arrested for the lie that he had been hiding and the most obvious questions that fans are asking is, who has been the snitch to inform the cops about it.

Creator Aaron Korsh has confirmed that the plot is going to take an interesting turn from here and has also hinted at the priest that Mike had confessed to. However, Korsh has also said that since Mike confessed to him in confidence, he is not allowed to hand Mike over to the police according to the rules of confession.

According to Franchise Herald, Aaron Korsh revealed that his first question wasn’t to find out who snitched about Mike, but to find out how to get him out of the soup. As a writer, he wanted to be in a middle ground, where they could explore both the areas.

Korsh has also mentioned that the fans know the person very well and they will be shocked when things come out. In a recent interview with Hollywood Reporter, Korsh said that a lot of people knew the secret and it could have been any of them. He said while there’s a possibility of it being someone who had known it beforehand, it could also have been someone who had just found out about the news. Whoever it is, fans will have to wait to find it out.