Thor 3: No Confirmation About Plot, Speculations Based On The Title Of The Film, And More!

Given the title of the film, Thor 3: Ragnarok,is going to deal with the apocalypse that will befall Asgard. According to in Norse mythology ‘ragnarok’ means the end of the world, there are speculations that this will be the last film with Chris Hemsworth as Thor.

Thor 3 is likely to be released in 2017, but there are hardly any rumors that are doing the rounds these days when it comes to the film. There aren’t been any reports about the plot of the film, but if the film follows the comic book then it is going to deal with the story of the apocalypse that is going to hit Asgard.

Thor 3 is set to be a rather sad film for the fans of Thor, since Ragnarok might see Thor giving up his life to protect and safeguard his kingdom of Asgard. With Thor’s death in Thor 3: Ragnarok, Marvel will pave the way to the plot of Avengers Disassemble.

Thor is set to die in the hands of the fire giant Surtur. He is one of the most notorious villains of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Surtur has a large horde of followers who are going to attack and raise Asgard to the ground. According to legends, Surtur is believed to have been present even before Odin and is a giant towering at 1,000 feet.

Surtur is feared in Asgard and he is one of Asgard’s native enemies apart from Midgard Serpent and Ymir, the Frost Giant. Surtur was imprisoned in the core of the Earth by Odin, but he was released on numerous occasions. On one of the occasions, he was freed by Loki and asked to wreak havoc on Earth.

In the comic book, Surtur defeats Odin and the power automatically shifts to Thor. However, Loki isn’t happy with this development and uses the mould used to create Thor’s hammer, Mjolnir and creates weapons to attack and defeat Thor.

In order to find out ways to defeat Surtur and Loki, Thor sets to gain wisdom, where he learns that Ragnarok is being manipulated by higher powers and he has to destroy himself to break the cycle. Asgard is destroyed, but the Asgardians aren’t. Their spirits and powers are transferred to certain humans on Earth, which Thor later restores.

Marvel has a long list of films that are on the floor while others are waiting in the line. Captain America: Civil War is almost complete and Guardians of the Galaxy 2 and Thor 3 are in line. According to Movie Rant, Thor 3 is expected to hit the floor at the end of the next year. However, it is reported that the location for the movie is already decided and it is going to be filmed at the Pinewood Atlanta Studio, where Marvel also shot Captain America: Civil War.

This news was confirmed hasn’t been confirmed yet, but since Thor: The Dark World was shot in the same location and also because the studio is the largest and cheapest, it is likely that Marvel will zero down on this location for Thor 3.

The location of Pinewood Atlanta Studio is also close to Marvel Studio in Los Angeles. Marvel is currently following the policy of releasing three films per year and in that case, the Pinewood Atlanta Studio, with its large size will also allow them to release different films simultaneously.

Christian Post has reportedly said that apart from the Pinewood Atlanta Studio, there is a possibility that Thor 3 might be shot in Village Roadshow studio in Australia, where a large number of super-hero films have already been shot.