Lindsay Lohan: Denied Entry Into Canada, Ex-Boyfriend Getting Cozy With Spears, Relaxing At A Spa, And More

Lindsay Lohan who was supposed to make an appearance at the Toronto Film festival, abruptly changed her plans for the same, giving rise to speculations that she was denied entry into Canada because of her criminal records.

Lindsay Lohan was expected to be a part of a promotional event for her upcoming psychological thriller Inconceivable. She was to be at the Toronto nightclub Set on Sunday, but according to Page Six, the organizer of the event informed that Lindsay Lohan won’t be present because of an issue with the timing.

This doesn’t seem to be the real picture since an insider from the Toronto Film Festival has reportedly said that the sudden change of plans was because of Canada’s strict policies about allowing people with criminal records. It is believed to be very difficult to enter Canada if one has had a brush with the law.

There are further speculations on Lindsay Lohan not making an appearance at Toronto. Report has it that Lindsay Lohan wanted to fly to Canada first class from Europe, but since the movie budget couldn’t allow that, she decided to back down of the scheduled event.

According to Fox News, when a representative for the producers of the film was asked about the episode, it was said that all the information that they have is that Lindsay Lohan will not be able to make it to Toronto because she is busy.

Lohan had had numerous brushes with the law in the United States. She was charged for drinking and driving and cocaine use, for which she pleaded guilty in 2007. She has also been found guilty of violation of her probation.

Lohan’s representative was unavailable to make any comment on the issue.

Those who have heard the Duran Duran track Danceophobia will be aware of a female voice in the monologue. It turns out that the voice belongs to none other than Lindsay Lohan! There are fans of Duran Duran who are not very happy with this sudden inclusion since the voice that is meant to be sultry, is clearly isn’t.

When asked why they had included Lindsay Lohan’s voice in the track, Simon Le Bon, said that he and Lohan had been friends for over ten years. The two had met at the dressing room of Live! With Regis and Kelly and Lindsay had struck up a conversation stating how she had dressed up as Simon Le Bon for her 80s themed birthday party the previous night.

The two have been in touch and became close. When the band was working on their new track, they wanted something special for the middle of the song. They had initially thought of getting a rapper do a heavy rap. Duran Duran wanted to have Lindsay Lohan to fill in for the part in the meantime since she would love to record for them

Simon Le Bon wrote the part for Lindsay Lohan along with his band mate John Taylor. Lohan perfected the part in only three takes and it sounded so good that the band decided to keep it for the final track.

Lindsay Lohan’s ex-boyfriend, Harry Morton, the owner of Pink Taco, seems to be getting cozy with Britney Spear. Harry Morton had previously dated Lindsay Lohan and Demi Moore. Britney Spear who had just called off her relationship with Charlie Ebersol seemed to have moved on already.

According to the NY Post, the 33-year-old singer and the young entrepreneur were on their very first date. They were spotted at the posh Iroha Sushi at Studio City, and by the way, the two of them behaved, it seemed like everything went really well.