Suits Season 5: Harvey Seeks Help, Christina Cole Will Be Joining In!

Suits Season 5 will return with the first installment on June 29th. The season premier will focus on the consequences following the professional break up of Harvey Spectre (Gabriel Macht) and Donna (Sarah Rafferty).

The last season saw Donna walk out of Harvey’s office after saying that she is going to leave him and work for Louis (Rick Hoffman) and that she loves him. Donna took the decision after she realised that it was becoming difficult for her to hide her true feelings for her boss, Harvey.

Donna might have been a secretary for Harvey, someone who can be easily replaced, but things will not be that easy for our suave lawyer. He always had garnered some feelings for Donna and her abrupt decision to leave messes him up.

When asked if Donna walks out of Harvey’s life for good, Korsh didn’t give a straight response. He explains that Donna’s decision to stop working for Harvey was because she needed to focus and take care of herself.

The very fact that she had decided to remain within the firm is a clue enough that she isn’t out of Harvey’s life permanently. Donna, as well as the viewers, hopes that her decision impacts Harvey enough to realise his feelings for her.

The last season saw the firm working together to try and build trust when Mike’s secret came out. The firm will again be shaken with Donna’s decision to work for Louis. We hope that the firm can work as one solid unit instead of dividing into smaller groups.

In Suits Season 5, Harvey feels the pressure both in his personal and professional front and decides to visit a shrink. TV Line had reported that the Suits team is looking for an actress in her late 30s to early 60s to play the role of the shrink whom Harvey visits.

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