Dance Moms Season 5: Maddie Beats Kalani, Jill and Holly Argue, More Details

In Dance Moms, we have already seen Maddie Ziegler and Kalani Hilliker dancing up a storm with her duet performances, but this time round the two girls will be facing each other. In an attempt to dominate the Wes Coast dance competition, coach Abby Lee Miller will make them dance solo against each other.

How do the girls fare and what are the problems they face? These are some of the aspects that were shown in Dance Moms Season 5 Episode 15, titled Maddie v/s Kalani. This decision was taken by Abby when the ALDC is set to face the Murrieta Dance Project (MDP) the second time round.

Determined to make a mark and redeem herself and the dance group, Abby tries to do what they do best- win the competition, and she decides to use two of her best dancers, Maddie and Kalani.

Erin Babb and her Murrieta Dance Project had won with a perfect score the last time they had faced each other and this time Abby is determined to make the ALDC take the trophy home.

Kalani is determined for a win. It was reported that she will do everything to not only beat Maddie, but also get a win for the ALDC. As opposed to her, Maddie seems to be a little lost during her practise session. She doesn’t seem to be in the zone. Abby will be shown shouting at Maddie to keep her back straight while she practices her routine.

While Kalani is going to go all out and try to defeat Maddie, who is now her opponent, it seems like she will get help from an unlikely source- Erin Babb. Erin tells her team to go after Maddie and prove to her that L.A is not her cup of tea.

It seems like the Murrieta Dance Project is going to team up against poor Maddie. Erin Babb knows that it is impossible to beat Maddie and Kalani in a duet and hence she tries to break Maddie’s spirit when she is struggling in her solo performance and realises that Kalani is the one to watch out.