Dance Moms Season 5: Maddie Beats Kalani, Jill and Holly Argue, More Details

In the faceoff between Maddie and Kalani, it was Maddie who ultimately defeats Kalani. At the World-Class Talent Experience held in Riverside, California on 30th January, Maddie defeats Kalani to take the title with her solo performance to ‘Dreams Come True.’

Kalani doesn’t win the title, but she still manages to help the ALDC junior elite team to win first place in the Junior Small Group Division and overall first in the competition with their performance of ‘The Rose Garden’. They ultimately defeat MDP by 6 points.

Apart from the Maddie-Kalani drama, there are other major things happening in Lifetime’s Dance Moms Season 5. As the viewers know that the dance moms are almost at each other’s throat. This time the problem is between Jill and Holly.

Maddie, Mackenzie and Kendall get an opportunity to meet Todrick, who is a director and choreographer. Nia wasn’t invited to go along with them, and when she sees the photo of three of her teammates with Todrick on Instagram, she is heartbroken. Unable to put the blame of Abby, Holly charges at Jill instead.

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