Suits Season 5: Harvey Seeks Help, Christina Cole Will Be Joining In!

By the look of it, it seems that Aaron Korsh is planning to make this character an important one in Suits Season 5.  Sources from USA Networks have confirmed that Christina Cole is set to play the role of Dr. Paula Agard, a Harvard-educated psychiatrist.

The character is going to be a specialist in corporate consulting and will be the perfect match for him, playing the cat and mouse game of chase with him throughout the season, There’s no official news about whether Cole will be the shrink whom Harvey attends for help.

Apart from Harvey’s crisis this season will also focus on the Mike (Patrick J. Adams) – Rachel (Meghan Markle) relationship. Season 4 finale saw the two getting engaged, but it’s not just about planning a wedding this time round. Korsh has gone on record saying that they will introduce problems that will test their relationship.

Mike’s fraudulent past will become a major problem when Robert Zane (Wendell Pierce) gets into a legal case with Mike. Robert had agreed to Mike’s proposal of asking his daughter’s hand in marriage, but that doesn’t mean that he is about it.

The first five episodes of Suits Season 5 will be written by Aron Korsh while it will be directed by Anton Cropper. They have promised fans that the best things about Suit will be integral in Season 5 as well.

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