Suits Season 5: Harvey Comes to Term with Donna’s Departure, New Cast Lined up, And More News

The first episode will feature only Harvey while this side of him will be entirely new to the fans. They have always had a suave and sophisticated lawyer in front of them, but this time round, the Harvey that the viewers will witness will be rattled and unsure. Donna’s departure affects him in more ways that he could ever fathom.

The title of the first episode of Suits Season 5 sets the tone for the season. Titled ‘Denial’, the episode highlights Harvey’s vulnerability. The episode highlights Louis’ failure to accept that Donna will remain in his service.

The two have always shared a great relationship, but Louis refuses to believe that Donna is here to stay. He is sure that once Harvey and her problems are sorted, she will happily return as his assistant. The opening episode of Suits Season 5 will also explore the dynamics of the Donna-Louis relationship.

Suits Season 5 premieres on 24th June on the USA Network.