Microsoft Surface Pro 4 Release Date and Hardware Speculations, Recent Price-Cuts on the Surface Pro 3, More Details

Microsoft was primarily a software company. However, when it turns its head towards hardware, amazing things can happen! The Microsoft Surface Pro 3 is a perfect example of this. It is a convertible Windows 8.1 tablet that users really want to own. Currently, Microsoft doesn’t have a clear product cycle for its Surface range; hence it’s not easy to determine when the next Surface hybrid will be coming out.

However, once you start going through the present speculations and rumors, it won’t be too difficult to pinpoint the release date and hardware specifications of the upcoming device. Right now, the Microsoft Surface Pro 3 runs on an operating system that people aren’t really interested in.

Therefore, people are wondering what Microsoft has in store for the upcoming Surface Pro 4. If Microsoft wishes to match the launch of Windows 10 OS with new hardware, all indications currently point towards sometime in July 2015. Then again, recent rumors suggest that Surface Pro 4 will release with the seeding of Windows 10 to testers.

Microsoft Surface Pro 4 is the most highly anticipated tablet-laptop hybrid that is due for release this year. According to SlashGear, an anonymous source suggested that Microsoft will host a special event in mid-September in order to announce their new device. Questions have been raised asking why Microsoft would do such a thing.

They could simply launch this device with the fresh new Windows 10 OS. It would clearly reveal how the latest operating system can synchronize with the latest hardware. A lot of people expected that Microsoft would announce the Surface Pro 4 in the BUILD conference.

The event was aimed at developers and this presented a chance for Microsoft to enlighten people on new Windows 10 features and how applications can be developed for it. Meanwhile, the latest batches of speculations have ‘revealed’ the possible specs of Microsoft Surface Pro 4. We advise you to take the following information with a grain of salt.

The specs for the engineering prototype feature an Intel Broadwell Mobile Processor instead of a Core M CPU. The speculations lead to a superior device, with a performance capacity on par with a high-end PC.

Similar to Pro 3, Surface Pro 4 will have a keyboard accessory in order to transform the device into an ultra-portable laptop.The Redmondian Giant also indicated that Surface Pro 4 will be compatible with accessories like Type Cover 3 and Docking stations designed for upcoming versions of Pro.

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  1. Most sources seem to indicate that Microsoft could launch this at any time after Windows 10 GA, but product won’t ship until August or September to include Intel’s next gen Skylake processors.

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