Suits Season 5: Harvey Comes to Term with Donna’s Departure, New Cast Lined up, And More News

The fans of Suits are excited as the premiere for Season 5 is just days away. There are lot of anticipation and excitement surrounding this season as a lot of things had happened in the last few episodes of Suits Season 4.

Suits Season 5 will start from exactly where the previous season had ended. It will show Mike Ross (Patrick J. Adams) engaged to Rachel Zane (Meghan Markle) while on the other hand we will have Harvey Spectre (Gabriel Macht) coming to terms with the fact that Donna (Sarah Rafferty) has decided to quit the job as his secretary and will be working with Louis (Rick Hoffman).

The most important element of Suits Season 5 will be the complex situation in Harvey and Donna’s relationship. Donna left Harvey after coming out with her feelings for him. While Harvey doesn’t realise that he feels for Donna, he grapples with her absence from his life.

Both of them try to adjust to a life without each other and it isn’t as smooth as they had hoped. Rafferty has confirmed that her character, Donna, will have a rather difficult time in Season 5.

She will be caught in between her personal feelings and her professional duties. While her decision to quit Harvey’s service was entirely governed by her emotions she will realise that Louis and Harvey don’t see eye to eye in the professional sphere and Donna gets caught in between the two.

Suits Season 5 will see some new names in the cast. Christina Cole will be a part of the series and will portray the role of Dr. Paula Agard, Harvey’s therapist who will help him tackle the situation regarding Donna.

Apart from Christina Cole, basketball legend Charles Barkley is also set to have a cameo in Suits Season 5. Barkley had spoke about his love for the series and when director Aaron Kosch heard about it, he decided to offer him a role in the upcoming season.

According to Forbes, the season premiere of Suits Season 5 will start six months after the events shown in season 4 finale and will work backwards to show how Harvey has been dealing with the incidents. With Mike’s secret out, Louis enjoys a new powerful role in Pearson Spectre Litt.