Scandal Season 5: Morton Talks About Rowan Pope, Will Olivia and Fitz Have a Happy Ending? More Details

Joe Morgan recently took to talking about his character in Scandal Season 5. His character Rowan Pope has been sent to prison by his daughter Olivia Pope (Kerry Washington). After trying to get rid of Rowan Pope for a long time, Olivia finally succeeded on sending her father to prison. Fans are, however, sure that Rowan is not one to stay in prison for a long time.

While talking to Deadline, Morton said that he isn’t sure about what’s in store for his character because creator Shonda Rhimes is known for making changes in the very last minute. He isn’t aware of anything since Rhimes doesn’t tell the actors what’s going to happen next until they gather at the table for the reading.

In spite of not knowing what’s in store, given the stature that Rowan or Eli enjoys, for him to be stuck in prison for extortion and embezzlement seems pretty unlikely. Morton is sure that Rowan will find a way out, but then no one really knows except creator Shonda Rhimes.

Morton spoke about the HNGN report where he was dubbed as the worst onscreen parent. He said it’s a terrible thing if the only way your child knows that you love them is if you spare them their life and don’t kill them off. Morton believes that Rowan Pope has reached such a dark side of life because he could never reach Olivia in the way he would have liked.

Scandal Season 5 will take up Olivia Pope and President Fitzgerald’s relationship. President Fitzgerald Grant (Tony Goldwyn) asked his wife Mellie (Bellamy Young) to leave, while Jake Ballard (Scott Foley) gave Olivia the green signal to be with Fitz.

However, Scandal has never seen events unfold this easily and Scandal Season 5 might have more in store when it comes to the Olivia-Fitz relationship. The two had got several chances to be together, but they have had priorities that had to be addressed before their relationship and if rumors are to be believed, the two are going to face something that will test their relationship.

Huck (Guillermo Diaz) is set to team up with Rowan Pope and Scandal Season 5 will see Olivia making the decision of removing Huck from his team.

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  1. Come on Huck, are you a gladiator or not? Come on Cyrus fight Lizzie. Are you a man or a whiny bi**h baby?! Rowan please stay in jail at least for a while. Quinn idk do something. Get pregnant with twins in which one is Charlie’s and the other one is Huck’s. Abby stay awesome. Cant wait for the love triangle drama.

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