Suits Season 5: Harvey and Tanner Face-off, Louis Tries to Make Things Better!

Louis asks for Donna and Rachel (Meghan Markle) to help him out in his situation with Harvey. In spite of not liking Harvey, Louis and Donna have been good friends and has always believed that she was someone he could trust.

Suits Season 4 saw Mike proposing to Rachel. The fifth season will most probably see them getting married, but it is not going to be such an easy run for the two of them. Rachel in a bid to get a perfect wedding is going to ask Donna for help.

The synopsis for episode 6 of Suits Season 5 shows Mike and Louis coming together to work for Harvey’s oldest client. Harvey and Agard get into a disagreement when he asks her to lie when she is asked about something that could possible send his client to jail.

The season started with Harvey in a bad situation. There are claims that the fall is going to continue. Fans are hopeful that Harvey’s therapy will work and he will back in action.

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