Avatar 2: James Cameron Waiting for the Right Technology, Scripts for the Three Sequels Complete!

It’s been a long wait of six years for fans of Avatar. The ground-breaking film by James Cameron is set to have three sequels and by the looks of it Cameron seems to have completed the scripts for the films.

James Horner, the noted music director who worked with Cameron in Titanic and Avatar had revealed in an interview with Entertainment Weekly that the Oscar winning director was taking a lot of time preparing the scripts for Avatar 2, Avatar 3 and Avatar 4.

James Cameron wanted to make one more film based on Pandora, but his contract mentioned only three sequels and hence he was reworking the whole idea to make it fit within three films.

It is sad to note that Horner would have contributed to the background score of Avatar 2 as he had done with Avatar, but he recently passed away in plane crash. Horner and Cameron had been good friends and his loss is a huge setback to the whole team working on Avatar 2. There has been no announcement about who will be replacing the Oscar winning music director.

James Cameron is known to create magic in his films. Avatar brought to life the rich plants and animals in Pandora. In Avatar 2 James Cameron is planning to depict the water ecosystem of the planet.

According to Clapway, James Cameron is planning on using a technology that will help him film beautiful scenes underwater. The technology that he plans on using is still not present and there is work being done to bring it to existence because of which there is a slight delay in the production process.

Cameron himself has revealed that the technology will help them speed up the filming process. A lot of the graphics and computer software have been developed at Weta Digital in New Zealand where Avatar 2’s animation and special effects is worked upon.

Producer Jon Landau said that Avatar 2 will have a team who is going to help them test out new technology for underwater motion capture. Landau said that they can use animation and graphics to simulate the water, but the same can’t be done for the actors. For this very reason they need technology that helps them capture the actor’s experience when they shoot inside a tank for Avatar 2.

Screen Rant reported that Cameron had pushed back the release-date of Avatar 2 from December 2016 to December 2015 so that he has adequate technological back up. This delay will also give him time to iron out the scripts of the three films because the production of the films will start simultaneously.

Avatar 2 and the subsequent films will release one after another and the work on them will start at the same time for which Cameron needs to check and double check that everything has been fine tuned because he will have his hands full when the filming begins in full force.

Cameron has an elaborate idea about the world of Pandora and he has roped in different screenwriters to help him pen down the three upcoming films. Avatar 2 has been written by Amanda Silver and Rick Jaffa, these two have been the screenwriters for Rise of the Apes.

Avatar 3 has been done by the writer of Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, Josh Friedman and Avatar 4 by Shane Salerno who wrote Savages along with director Oliver Stone.

The different screenwriters will make sure that the audience gets a new experience every time they go to watch an Avatar sequel. The films are going to be released within a year from each other and the different writers will ensure that each experience is slightly different from the other.

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