Suits Season 5: Harvey and Tanner Face-off, Louis Tries to Make Things Better!

Harvey Specter (Gabriel Macht) is not in his elements in Suits Season 5. Season 4 of Suits saw Harvey dealing with a huge blow in his life, which he never thought would happen. Donna (Sarah Rafferty) resigned from the position of his assistant and goes ahead to reveal that she strongly feels for him.

Director and writer Aaron Korsh will have Suits Season 5 showing how Harvey struggles with the changes in his personal and professional life. In the fifth episode of the Suits Season 5 called ‘Toe to Toe’ Harvey will face another new challenge.

Travis Tanner (Eric Close) is going to be back in Suits Season 5. He was last seen in Suits Season 3 when he represented Ava Hessington (Michelle Fairley) in a case where he faced Harvey. The two had a huge difference, but Tanner claimed that he has changed for the better.

Mike Ross (Patrick J. Adams) doesn’t believe so. He knows something is on its way, like it usually is when Harvey and Travis meet. Given the mess in which Harvey is, he doesn’t mind taking one against Travis.

The viewers get a glimpse of the fact that Travis Tanner is no way a changed man in the trailer for the episode. Travis Tanner plays it dirty. When Harvey and Mike meet him outside court, he gets into a verbal war with Harvey.

Harvey is well known for settling disputes outside the court in a manner that both the sides benefits and he wins the case. Travis knows that he has to get the better of Harvey to put his intentions off and he does exactly that.

Tanner knows that Harvey is having a hard time dealing with Donna’s departure and hits back at Harvey with a mention of the fact that Donna left him and this gets Harvey worked up and he ends up hitting Travis in the middle of the road.

Harvey gets shocked after he hits Travis and immediately goes to meet his counselor Dr. Paula Agard (Christina Cole. Dr. Agard is a Harvard educated psychiatrist who tries to help Harvey get a grip on his life.

While Agard tries to help him out, Harvey sometimes feels that she is his nemesis because of the unorthodox manner in which she forces him to come to terms with little aspects of his life that he wants to put off.

Episode 6 of Suits Season 6 will show Harvey reeling with what Dr. Paula Agard tells him. She tells him what is causing these panic attacks of his and Harvey can’t seem to come to facts with what she has to tell him. She tells him that he has to deal with the issue if he has to stop the attack and he finds it very difficult.

Aaron Korsch told Yahoo that being the kind of character Harvey is it would have been difficult for him to head to a therapist and get talking about the problems in his life. They had to give him panic attacks so that he was forced to take help and go visit a therapist.

Episode 5 of Suits Season 5 also saw Louis Litt (Rick Hoffman) being forced by Jessica Pearson (Gina Torres) to settle his differences with Harvey. Harvey and Louis have been rivals for a very long time now.

On being forced to settle things with Harvey Louis is in the danger of making problems with Jack (John Pyper-Ferguson). Jack has information that can jeopardise Louis’ stint at Pearson-Specter-Litt. Louis doesn’t want to go against Jessica Pearson in fear of losing his job and neither can he make an enemy out of Jack.